kitchen is completed

          or at least i have Grr’s permission to pay the final bill. he still doesn’t have the same number of drawers he wanted but life is tough . get over it. 

          if i can manage to give up Chewbacca he can live without the kitchen drawers he wants. it’s called karma!  he seems to believe that if i get a female cat it might like him. don’t think thats how it works. he says he’s made an effort with Chewey but i’ve not seen it. 

          am done with therapy. will visit with Benoit later this week. and see what’s next. we’re betting they will be cancelling all elective surgeries because of covid patients.

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          am still out of anti-depressants. Grrr doesn’t get it. he says he’s fine (ecept for the anger and lectures i get when something is out of place. and then he pouts)  he refused to cook dinner last night because i had left a bowl in the sink and he can’t work around it. (poor baby). 

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          he took Chewbacca to 4-paws but they wouldn’t take him because i didn’t get him from them. i offered to give them Grrrr but she thought i was kidding. 

          so please if you know anybody who is looking for lap cat he’s  still available. he’s chipped, has all his shots and is 6 years old. 


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