Loom Problems

        still no rain and still hot, hot, hot.  they were correct  (117 degrees) . give a squirrel a bowl of ice and he sleeps on it. 

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           this week has been long and frustrating. got the unmercerized cotton warp (13 yards of it) on the pendleton loom. i’ve discovered why she hated that loom so badly. it does not have a good shed plus the heddles are trashed. put on going all directions, bent, twisted in all directions. (ordered new heddles to be added later.) But the shed issue i finally discovered is because the harness bars are in upside down. you wouldn’t think it would make a difference but appears it does.  i’ll fix that when i put the new heddles on. so moving along - found threading errors, fixed, then tied onto the tie on rod, wove a header, wove the hem for the first towel and tighened the front tension and 2 of the 3 straps snapped. 

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          time to quit for the day. spent the rest of the day wondering how to fix and what that loom was going to do to me next. i’m beginning to take this personally. had a roll of heavy texsolv that replaced the strapping. that stuff lasts for a decade ( i know this from experience) and actually started weaving the first towel. 

          have since completed the first towel and am replacing the heddles. 9.5 inch heddles. it needs 9 inch which are not made anywhere. am questioning if these heddle bars really belong to this loom.  so changing direction again. shopping for 9 inch heddles and if i can’t find any i just may have to tie my own. have done it before (many many years ago.) Grrr remembers makng me a jig and i spent weeks tying heddles for the draw loom. also compared the heddle bars to the baby wolf heddle bars but this loom is about 4 inches wider. so for now i’m stuck. 

           Thursday i accompanied a fellow weaver to look at a loom she’s considering purchasing here in town. it also is a pendleton, bigger than mine, and she can’t find any information on them.  mine is very similar to the baby wolf. looked to be in excellent shape and suggested she take it. discovered they aren't’ being made any longer. 

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          this going on a diet thing is not working. stayed on the keto diet (without cheating) for 3 weeks. never lost a pound. Am making an appointment with a nutritionist to figure all this out. i need this knee fixed and all he asked was 20 pounds. will let you know how the appointment goes. it’s next week. 

          still not watching the news. am working my way thru my audible library . good thing i’m a long time member. this week they’re having a 2 for one sale. and i’m stocking up. 

          i still can’t understand why wearing a mask is such an issue. does’t your life matter? let alone the people you love?


                Grrr is out shopping for an electric bicycle. i voiced my opinion against it but he’s a big boy and makes his own decisions. i suggested a 3 wheeler (that got dismissed instantly) but a helmet is non negotiable. he agreed to the helmet. my feeling is that his balance isn’t what it used to be. he’s in his 80’s.  he talks about riding his bike from 30 years ago. 30 years ago is history. 30 years ago i was 40 and falling off horses which i’m paying for now.  our warranty is running out. 

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           and Chewbacca is a keeper.  sure wish i could adopt him a sibling. he’s slowly warming up to Grrr. especially when i’m late fixing his breakfast. but since grrr doesn’t know how to open a can he comes in and nags me to hurry up. he’s getting better about being hand shy but i believe a brother would be good for him.  his toys are shedding feathers all over the house. and Rockford just drives over them. 


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