Louie doesn’t live here any longer. 

                early in the week i spent time at 4-paws cat rescue discussing Louie. they remember him as a ‘special needs cat’. (which they never mentioned when i adopted him.) learned some of his history. they still have his sister. the two came in together and sister is classified as non- adoptable. she lives in the back all by her self. both were very young and very feral when they were rescued.  i asked about bringing him back and they said no problem. 

          i also suggested that if they intend to adopt him out again that he should go to a man. he loves grrr and would never dream of biting him let alone attack. he’s back on his meds and seriously angry with me all the time now. this is how he sits on grrr’s lap and glares at me. i can’t trust him and am constantly looking over my shoulder to check where he is.  it’s bad when you’re scared of your own cat. so this will be his last photo. 

          i wrote a letter for the potential new owner about the his good qualities. he’s never had an accident in the house. is very well behaved. eats only chicken. knows and uses a cat flap. likes posing on top of the frigerator. doesn’t really understand play and what all the toys are for. he does have hair ball issues but he’s a long hair cat. he also has a micro chip that is registered to me and is up to date with his vaccinations. Gave his vet’s name and number. 

          louie made it easy. when i delivered him he was completely unconcerned about placed in a cage. He eagerly crawled into a cage and acted right at home. It was like his comfort zone. they didn’t put him in the other adoptable cats. he's in cat dormatory down the way. his attitude lessened my guilt. 

          and now since he’s gone i find myself still looking over my shoulder to find where he is in relation to my legs. he was such a demanding little guy and i’m programmed to his routine. kept all the extras. gave 4 paws a case of food, his meds and hair ball medication. eventually i’ll find another cat. and damm it all - i miss him. 

          had my first physical therapy apt. not nearly as awful as i remember from years back. have homework to do twice a day and go back for several more times. they are very professional and extremely careful virus wise. 

          need to spend time getting Lola timed. hit a pin and bam!. broken needle, shoved the needle bar up, the whole works. discovered i can’t see nearly as well as i used to so purchased a timeing tool to make it easier. getting old is the pits. so that was yesterday’s chore. have to get this train moving. getting more behind on customer quilts every day. as of today the count is 8. AAACCCKK!  

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          this log cabin quilt has the most precise piecing i’ve ever come across. the majority of quilts i take are very well made. flat and and square but this one is exceptional.!  

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          the above top i completed and then had to hunt down matching fabrics for the border and binding. found a couple of yards and it’s in the mail. supper easy but dramatic. 

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          currently more than 100,000 Americans have now died of Covid-19 in less than four months. That's almost twice the number of Americans lost during the entire Vietnam War and about the same number that died nationwide during the flu pandemic in 1968. we need to consider maybe WE are the virus!. 

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          and i’ve come to the conclusion that this country can make anything a  political issue. and trump is just too vain to wear a mask. maybe the pagan cultures had it right. On a good note a friends told me she looks good in her mask. gives her incentive to wear eye makeup. great idea. 

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          so in my present frame of mind i’m secretly wondering what the next disaster is going to be. Locally it’s the heat melting the pavement and burning your bare feet but the world just can’t take much more. back east - tornado, hurricanes, floods. winds. next comes earth quakes and then maybe yellowstone’s Old faithful volcano is going to wake up and arizona can become ocean front property? 

        sorry i’m such a good news fairy this week. i really am feeling better. gathering weekly with friends has helped so much.  i’ve had quilters go thru here most days either picking up or delivering and we visit and talk quilts. and yes, we’re careful. 



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