Marry Christmas and randon thoughts


I’m not saying Happy Holidays - or any of those greetings this year. I’m going to say “2020 is almost over! Cheers!” That should make everyone happy!

           As this year comes to a finale, many people are reporting that they are experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion and low motivation and that their friends, family, and coworkers alike are affected. i have to remind myself that it’s not just me. it’s the entire world. 

          I don't know about you but I'm ready for the sun to start shining for longer and longer each day!  I'm also ready for 2021 to finally get here. We have pretty low key plans for our Christmas Celebration this season which means I’ll need to comb my hair for the zoom holiday call. 

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          and so much for the plea to stay at home during the holiday. this country needs to learn to follow instructions even when it’s for their own safety. 


          pantone had decided on 2 colors for the new year. it’s got me thinking. i like both. every wall in this house is a nice soft gray with no color undertones and i’ve learned that a little yellow goes a long.. . long way. 

rage and terror

          so today trump has announced that he’d like to see $2,000 in each relief check go the the amerian people. i think it’s too late to change everyone’s opinion about him. the republicians absolutely won’t go for it. can’t wait to see how his last day in the white house goes. i found a copy of what his possible concession speech might be. Wishful thinking, i know. 

"Good evening, ingrates.

I’ve been informed that if I want any more prime-time coverage, I have to give a “concession speech.” I imagine this kind of a speech comes equipped with a full concession stand. Anybody want some popcorn? Too bad, you can’t have it. It’s mine.

Anyway, I’m here to say that the Electoral College is racist and completely backward, but it has problems, too. For example, everyone is saying I lost, but I got the most votes out of any president in history. Most of them were against me, but still. I won the election and if you want me to leave you’ll have to MAKE ME.

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          We picked  up our christmas dinner from cracker barrell. this time i ordered ham with all the fixings. we warmed it up on christas eve. we’re not exchanging gifts this year. Just mellowing out and probably watching a christams movie or two. and doing a zoom meeting with everyone back home. grrr is going to have to figure out how to hook up the macintosh to the big screen tv.  the ipad was just too small and we coudln’t get it positioned to get both of us in one screen. 

i’ll be so glad to see this year gone and done. the whole world needs a reboot. 


         Chewbacca thinks he’s hiding from me. this and the fact that he had to have the cat flap removed from his cat door before he’d go thur it proves he’s not the brightest beast i’ve ever owned. but his sweet disposition makes up for what he’s lacking in smarts. 


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            i don’t make new years resolutions and now is not the time to do it anyway since i can’t see well enough to read what i’m typing.  climbing Everest would never be one of them nor would the marathon. walking around the block is more my speed. exotic destinations i can get thru books and i’m sick and tired of spending time at home. we all need a change of scenery. even the robot vacuum is thinking about escaping thru an open door. 

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Cartoons-on-How-The-COVID-19-Pandemic-Changed-Our-Lives-15-New-Pics-5fe1858923056  880


                                                                            i miss hugs most of all!!!!

till next time. 


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