Meet Chewbacca

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            it’s slow going with this one. he’s timid and i think has had some harsh treatment before coming to me. he’s hand shy. you have to let him know you want to touch him. and no patting. stroking is good but give him a pat and he’ll hiss at you.  and never try to rub his belly. Never!

          got home in the afternoon and he spent the first couple of hours hiding in the studio. what is with that room?  also can’t make the cat flap stay taped open on the patio side. when he’s more comfortable i’ll start shoving him thru a couple of times. so far he hasn’t been out there. i’ve made a temporary litter box in the studio. 

          he looks much bigger than he actually is. it’s all hair that floats around. doesn’t mind getting brushed and allowed his toe nails to be touched. she clipped him before i got there. he also has tufts of hair growing out the bottom of his feet like a maine coon. 


            he ate and drank and eventually came out and sat on my lap in the evening. carried him to bed and he spent part of the night with me. this morning i couldn’t find him. he was wedged inbetween the bed and the wall hiding again. but he chirps when i call so i can eventually locate him. plus he’s easily bribed  with treats. 

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          she has fostered Chewey for about a year. thinks he’s 4-5 years old. has a microchip that i need to register and gets along with other cats. she explained that when she started fostering him he had been living on the streets. his previous owners had let him out and he never came back so had been picked up as a stray and was not in good health and they had to actually shave the matts off him.

           and while we were getting introuduced grrr was in another room with a bunch of young kittens. he sat and instantly had kittens attached to him. missed a great photo opportunty on that one. i suggested we take one home with Chewey but got rejected. So far every time Grrr makes a noise or adjustes his chair chewey twitches. we’re only on your second day so it will get better. 

          have completed several things in the studio. will send pix of those next week. got Lola timed and back working on the christmas quilt. almost done.  been spending my time with Chewey. he’s a talker. spent last night at the bedroom window chirping at the wild life out there. and my bruises are healing up nicely. 



ps.   the gal who met with me at Petco told me it sounded like maybe Louie had not been neutered. it’s a common trait for un-neutered males to be that territorial and aggressive over their space. that never occurred to me.  

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