my eye has cleared up


          i’m beginning to look normal finally. my eye just looks a little jaundiced. but not enough that anybody else is going to notice it. i am ignoring the walker and getting around without it or even the cane. now to just get rid of the limp. at this point i think it’s habit. i wore that brace for a whole year and limped because of the pain. now there’s very little pain except at night when it aches or chewbacca steps on the incision. that gets my attention. and he gets dumped on the floor without understanding what happened. but 10 pounds on one spot where the nerves haven’t come back is just more than i can handle. 


           looking forward to friday and my day with Benoit. i want my independance back. i can remember the first time i drove after the shoulders were healed. was a little shakey and uncertain but within 3 miles it all came back. this time my problem is going to be getting in and out of the drivers seat. Benoit said ‘YES’ i could drive and even go to the pool. and that i need to do more walking to keep the swelling down. saw the new x-rays. he only put in 2 pieces and left one screw. 

          Shelly will be here this coming Sunday and (she doesn’t know it) but we’re planning on going to the pool. Benoit also told me to hang on to the walker as long as i feel comfortable with it for balancing. 

          monday i’m checking in at the quilters club meeting to let everyone know Lola and i are going to get back into business.  Benoit told me to walk so walking back and forth with Lola would be considered walking. too hot to walk outside. my next appointment is in September. no worries.

till next time. 


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