my stupid list

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          can you belive that my continual ranting about wearing masks was in error. i was contacted thru an anonymous email that you wear a mask to protect yourself from G5 floating around in the atmosphere. and to think these people live amount us. and just in time now that we’ve decided to use double masking. 

          i’ve received some disagreeable email comments about my blog over the years from people who don’t agree with me. that’s fine but this one is the on the top of my ‘stupid list’.

          life is continuing on in 2021 so similiar to 2020 that i can’t tell the difference.  good news is: grrr managed to get us a vaccine appoitment next week. it's in sun city west but we’ll be there. 

          and our big news is (i thought we were done with working on this house but seems i was in error).  made a visit to the Yourson Consturction company that we hired for the studio and have discussed kitchen changes sometime in february. good excuse to not cook. 

          we’re almost caught up with the number of inches of rain for last years. been having storm after storm for the last week. i want the sun back. 

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          this week it’s short and sweet. no earth shaking news . Chewbacca is his happy lazy self and so am i. he’s watching the tv and i’m listening to a book. 


stay healthy and safe. 


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