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              THE HOUSE STRIPPED Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments over her endorsement of violent, racist conspiracy theories. Eleven Republicans joined the Democrats in the vote. She is/ was a complete nut case.  NBC NEWS

                 JOHNSON & JOHNSON asked U.S. regulators to authorize emergency use of its COVID-19 vaccine, which could be available to Americans within weeks. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 

          i don’t understand why Sun City has no place we can line up for the vaccine. we drove to a local hospital in sun city west but did not get our covid vaccine this week. grrr never got a validation number so they sent us both home. he has another appointment and this time has the correct numbe but i can’t go with him as i’m not 75 year old . i’d be willing to lie. but they ask for id. drat! suppose i’ll have to wait till walgreens offers them. that’s where i get my flu shots from.

          i do have a dr benoit appointment next friday. it was supposed to be for knee surgery but since they cancelled all electives they changed the appointment to a consultation so looks like i’m starting over. i’m so tired of not being able to walk and now my ankle is out of wack. 

          and besides having work done in the kitchen we’ve signed up for solar on the roof. looks to be a savings of about 60.00 per month and we can keep it cooler in the summer. 

          have had people in and out of here all week. am coaching several weavers thru a double weave class and will only go to the club when they need hands on help. and have been requested to teach spinning but am not feeling qualified. have never used a drop spindle in my life and don’t want to start now. have sent out an email asking for a new volunteer to teach that. have been turning down requests for quilting until the knee works and by then i’ll have to re-learn everyting about Lola i used to know. surprising how out of practice a person gets. 

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          grrr and i have been having a conversation about getting another cat so Chewbacca can have a friend. (he doesn’t like cats on a good day) he told me in no uncertain terms that when he’s dead i can have as many cats as i want.  that was not the response i was expecting. what a grump!em. 

          SStress and pain wears on a body. we have had a whole year of the pandemic stress on top of whatever else we were dealing with. the stress hormones flood our systems even if we’re not aware of being stressed. we’re tired and resentful. so rest when you need it but continue looking forward and work to make th.ings better.. (sometimes i find swearing helps). control what you can and let the rest go. 

          at least grrr has been productive. look at what he’s accomplished. 

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 the pens on the left all represnet the fire departsment, both men and women. the photo onthe right are police and team logos. he does take special requests. just contact me and i’ll pass it on. 


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