this week


          have been to the walking pool most days to exercise my knee. not sure it’s doing much but am also getting a nice sun tan.  have retrieved my pedal exercise machine from under my desk and am using it during tv watching time. have it cranked up to extra hard. am thinkling this may be the tatoo i’ll put on my leg. a simple football style lacing

          took a bad fall yesterday. i’m aware i don’t have good balance.  and usually i have the walker sitting in front of me when i go to get up. walker wasn’t there, i over balanced and tiped right over onto the floor. landed on my left side and just layed in the center of the living room checking to see what hurt. my whole left side is one huge bruise and am really stiff and sore but didn’t damage any new parts. that fall really shook my confidence. time for a hot bath. 

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          Chewbacca had a visit with the vet for his toe nails. turns into a little savage when i try to even look at his feet. for them he’s a perfect gentleman. this is his angry face. but he doesn’t hold a grudge thank goodness. 

         our germ pod group met this week. turned out to only be 2 of us. but is was so good to see ol’ friends. i didn’t bring anything to work on. we just sat and visited and didn’t manage to solve any of the world’s problems. 

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          this is the next quilt on Lola. and i even have bright orange thread to match. it’s half way mounted but now i have to figure out how much batting to cut. this is holiday project is to get some practice in.


and now that i am allowed to drive my forrester died. i’ve been warned that arizona is terribly hard on batteries, windshield wipers and tires, anything rubber. they didn’t lie. i was thinking it was the key fob battery but no. that car was deader than a rock sitting in the drive way. couldn’t even get the doors unlocked. that’s what happens in this heat and never being driven. grrr called tripple A and it’s all fixed. but at least it happened in our driveway, not some parking lot. 

till next time. maggie

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