so now the therapist and i are working on fine tuning. when i walk/stand the toes on the right side are supposed to be point forward. not out to the right by 45 degrees . when i go to sit neither foot is supposed to slide forward. almost impossible to do. i’ve always been a just plant my butt in the chair type person. the muscles are slowly coming back and i’ve become more independant. have been trying to use the walker with just one hand. the other is holding my coffee cup. doesn’t work well especially on corners. 

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           and the swelling has gone down a whole lot. both feet almost match in size. bending is still a very painfull process. the skin and buterfly bandages streatch to the point of screaming. and i’m not allowed to put any cream or softening agent on the area. 

          am managing to sleep better. the night pain has lessened and i put a pillow length wise under my leg. still have some small bruises hanging on but not really noticeable. 


          i know i can’t drive yet but my fantasy is one of these days i’m going to make an escape right out the door.  small problem is the front patio and the drive way both slope downwards. makes the walker hard to control. no brakes on it. 

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Chewbacca says hi to his fan club. he’s perfetly happy that i’m home all the time. lots of extra lap time. 

hoping next week i’ll have more good news. like retiring the walker completely!

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till next time. 


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