no More surgery this year

            met with Benoit this morning and he’s not willing to fix the other knee untill i can get off blood thinners. so he removed a large amount of blood from the lump where i fell at George’s cafe and then gave me a cortozone shot to tide me over to march 2022. so i can sleep much easier for a while. told him it was very stiff in the mornings when i get out of bed. he told me that’s to be expected. the only testing he did was to see if i could get out of the chair without using my arms (yes, i can) and he measured how far i can bend it. passed both. and he mentioned that every time i got an x-ray he was notified. told me to slow down and think about where i was wanting to go before imoved. told me i was not not 25 any longer.  he didn’t need to remind me! asked about any covid-19 test/shots. or symptoms. None so far. 

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          Chewbacca  seems to be settling in at his new home. Janet sent a photo of him sitting and looking like an orphan. you can generally tell when he’s a happy cat he carries his fluffy tail upright. i miss him so much.  Plan on asking for visiting privileges. and i need to deliver his toys. 

          didn’t get anything done this week - too stressed out about Benoit appointment. 

maybe more news next week. 


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