not even sure what day it is.

          with no obligations, no appointments or even social engagements i have completely lost track of what day it is. have also not gotten fully dressed in weeks, nor have i bothered to comb out my hair which desperatley needs a trim. slovenly has become my normal. or maybe it's depression. 

           i have been spending time in my room. not accomplishing much.  Have been slowly working my way thru the warp on the baby wolf loom. almost done.  And all the errors on the gilmore have been found and fixed. ( i think, i hope). need to work on that one but it’s a pattern i have to pay attention with. 

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          did finish a knitted scarf.  the wool was a very loosly spun white and the colors was also very losely spun verigated. was fun to see how it came out.  

          even baked cookies for a treat. haven’t done that in years. it’s always been so much easier to pick up a bag of oreos. but these are monster cookies from swan foods. super easy. take bag from the freezer, open bag, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 12 minutes. 

          have been sewing. no masks. don’t even own  elastic and from everyone i’ve talked to it’s no longer available to purchase. besides we have several N95 masks that Grrr uses in his wood shop. never would have guessed his wood working maskes were N95 safe. but we’re not going anywhere anyway. except to pick up food.  subway makes great salads. we will need another grocery store trip. almost out of milk. 

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                 but this is what i’ve been making this week. toilet paper wall hangings. this first one didn’t have enough contrast. but the toilet paper hanging down is dimensional.  it’s lined and floats free. the roll is firmly attached to the top. wasn’t happy with it but grrr loved it and wants one of his own for his bathroom wall.  so here’s version #2. much better. then purchased a long arm pattern of the same subject to stitch on it. 

           The colorful top will be a baby quilt. was trying to tidy up my room and ran across a bunch of zip lock bags stuffed with blocks. this was a non- thinking project. just stitch them together, find a border and binding. unfortunately i have a lot more of these zip lock bags. 

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          this is how i figured out this sunday was easter. Saw this picture of easter peeps on fb. i hate peeps but this is so appropriate. for us it’s just another day being house bound. but maybe i’ll actually get dressed to acknowledge the day. 

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          a  quilt was delivered to the front patio this week so guess i need to get busy on that. or maybe i’ll just take a nap. 



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