Pandemic Fatigue is real

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arizona is currently number one is new cases. 

          my focus is shot.  I am coping - more or less - by focusing on my goal of playing catch up with my quilting customers. I make myself get into the studio for at least a couple of hours every day.  except for today. i ran out of the perfect thread so am waiting for an order of the exact same thread color. Drat!

          The weather has been too hot to spend time outside this week but am considering spending time in the walking pool across the street.  they have opened.  (at least for the time being.)

          There are predictions for monsoons to start up soon and they close the pools during storms. and in preparations for the big rains i had new windowshild wipers put on the car. takes one year for them to shred to a million pieces all over the window. 


           If you can't focus enough to read or do your hobbies, give yourself time to accept that life is full of ups and downs and if you are currently 'down', call a friend, have a good visit. it helps a great deal. i have the benefit of having friends spend time here discussing quilts and life in general. we physically sit a safe distance either in the studio or out on the patio. i showed this last week but it’s completed and picked up. a picnic quilt, who would have guessed?

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           have been working on my own stuff for a couple of days. slow and mindless sewing is my new focus. layed this out and had to make 4 more blocks going in the opposite direction in order to make the black diamonds in the centers. did a lot of un-stitching to make the blocks work. now to stitch it all together to match the photo. Grrr loves it. he hasn’t actually claimed it yet but we’ll see. 

          As for the world in general. it sucks! defunding and disbanding the police is a stupid idea. admittedly we need well-trained, well-educated, and well-paid professionals in police departments. they do need reform and re-training. weed out the bad apples but keep the good guys. hold these men accountable for their actions in society. and keep in mind protesters are a different than the rioters. 

            met with my surgeon.  He really took the wind out of my sails this week. before i had the MRI taken he had talked about options and had a list of things we could possibly do to make it temporarily better.  after seeing the MRI  he told me there were no options. -  complete replacement. the bone is badly deteriorited due to the degenerative arthritis.  there is no cartilage in the joint to plump up. The cruitiate that was replaced 30 years ago has a tear in it. The cyst is pushing on a tendon and causing the pain down the outside of my calf. (i had told him that).   at this point his biggest fear is that that knee will go out, i’ll take a fall and wreck a shoulder.  he also told me he’s scheduling out for august and september so i’d have time to lose some weight. Covid-19 has added 16 pounds to my previous surgery weight. and of course they no longer have salad bars available. was so upset when i left him i sat in the car and cried. - then went for a massage. 

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          And to add to the world’s problems along with Covid (more than 114,000 americans have died as of friday and confirmed cases are over 2 million.) 

          there is the race issue. it’s hard to talk about. this picture is the best example of race i’ve come accross. i am one of the privileged white woman. we fought this shit in the 60’s and it seems nothing has changed. i have no clue what to say. there is nothing i can contribute to the conversation because of my lucky birth, and living in a primarily white community so i’m keeping my mouth shut. it’s not enough anymore to not be a racist. it’s more important to be anti-racist. i have no idea what that means. or how to help other than stay out of the way. so i go to my room and the looms and sewing machines and listen to my books. and as much as i enjoy they keep pushing political and racial topics at me. i listen for light entertainment. so leave me alone. 

          i also have been secetly looking at cat adoptions online. came across a big fluffy yellow male named Chewbacka. they all want to know if i’m looking for a male or female. i have no idea. the last female i had was Gus and the vet labeled her a terrorist. and then Louie, who on occasion i still check for lurking behind me.  not interested in a kitten and grrr has put his foot down at 2 cats. he doesn’t like cats on a good day. he’s a scrooge.  i’d love to get a big dog but they are a lot of work and i can’t walk well enough right now. so that’s out. Guess i’ll wait. 

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          i found this on FB.  it matches my expectations of what’s coming for the rest of 2020. hang in there and 

be prepared folks. 

and go wash your hands. 



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