Poor Chewbacca

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         i purchased one of those really soft marshmallow pillows for him. it sits on my bed between my pillow and the wall and he’s gotten the idea that it’s where he’s supposed to sleep reather than under the covers with me.  However he was traumatized last night. maybe because his normal position is up side down but he and his pillow slid down between the matress and the wall with him in it.  woke me up crying for help. he was really stuck and not able to get out on his own. going to have to find a new place to put it. it’s to big to fit in his cat perch by the window. ideas are welcome. 


          pantone has chosen 2 colors for the new year. i like both of them but not sure if i ‘d use them together. will watch what happens with other quilters. the gray is just a hair darker than what i had the walls of the house painted. and the carpet is darker than the photo. i do use gray as a background color often but yellow?  a little yellow goes a long way. 

wany are uy eye doctor  energized. It can b difficult to identify wmthsho we even are. How about blood t. woke