Prayers for Biden

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          this whole week has been a stay home week. with the new strain of covid going around grrr has pretty much forbidden me from leaving the house so have had no social contact with anyone. i understand and hate it at the same time. we’re hoping for our turn for vacines next week. he could get his this week because of his age but i have to wait another week. I’ve talked to too many people who are seriously frightened of the vaccine. anybody with a brain should be more frightened of being put on a ventilator. 

          Now hunker down and stay safe at home until Spring and you’ve had your shot in the arm.  Our job is to simply stay out of harms way, wear a mask, and socially distance.   Not like we have to dodge bombs or dig trenches!  I think there is a collective sigh of relief that 2020 is over and we'll take 2021 one day at a time for now.  However it seems  2020 is leaking  over into 2021.........we are all ready for our vaccine. 


          Trump is now telling the public that his speech was totally appropriate and we can’t blame him for the riot at the capital. Oh, yes we can. i don’t believe that he’s done yet. he has 5 more days to stir up more shit.  fox news has a headline saying trump supporters are going to hold a virtual  second inauguartion on Jan 20 alongside Biden’s.  i don’t care if he resigns or if he’s impeached.  he’s calling it a witch hunt. i just want him gone. out of the news cycle, off the tv and out of my head. 

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          I have tried, very hard for some time to "self soothe".......doing things that make me happy......attempting to take myself far from all that is going on.  It doesn't always work.  Sometimes it does. Books are my saving grace. 

          Some days I am disappointed, and some days lately I am aimless.  That's the best description.  I have a lot of thing to do, or things I could do, and can't get interested in any of them.  This is not usual for me, nor has it ever been, my entire life.  So when it does happen, I flounder.

          had a second check up on my eyes. still doing multiple drops a day but my vision is so much better. they’ve taken the lenses out of my frames. i’m still wearing the frames mostly because i feel naked without them plus i’ll still need glasses and these fit well. so will use them with the new lenses. but i can read the bottom line on the eye chart. first time in many many years.

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          for christmas i bought Chewbacca a robot littler box. set it up yesterday and he’s already used it. it’s not plugged in which i did this morning so we’ll see if it frightens him. The instructions say the cat has to weigh at least 10 pounds before it recognizes that it’s being used. and i’ve discovered that he’s not 10 pounds. - just looks much bigger because of all the fluff.  when he exits it has no idea that he’s finished so it doesn’t cycle on it’s own.  so every morning i go out there and hit cycle and it does it’s thing.  poor guy hasn’t felt good this week. he vomited in my bed earlier this week so was doing laundry in the middle of the night. 

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             i’m greatful that i have this small platform to vent on.  so when POTUS goes on camera, and says in all seriousness, to the crowd taking over the Capitol Building, "I love you.  You're special."...........well, that's seriously the most egregious and disgusting thing that I have ever heard. I DO know what is happening in politics.  I pay attention.

          And in my 72 years here on this earth, I have never, ever experienced anything that has made me feel this sad, and disenfranchised,  angry and embarrassed in front of the entire world.  

          That being said, I have no idea why Joe Biden wouldn't rather retire on the beach somewhere.  He's walking into an absolute "shit show".  I do not envy him the job that he has to do.  

till next time. 


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