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          came across this show of protesting. i’m thinking Americans need to adopt this method. this is what non-violence is. no destryong of property, no fires.  Americans are a selfish lot. our economy is built around the american workforce, not the ceo’s. We do live in a global community. healthcare is a human right and being generous is how we’re going to survive this. 

          and yes, we do have a police problem but the bigger problem is that we have a ‘refuse to obey the law’ problem. we’ve had years to teach our kids it’s wrong to loot, steal, set fires, block traffic, and destroy property. 

           people still haven’t figured out that the virus just doesn’t care who you are and no, your God isn’t going to protect you. we all want to live like we did 6 months ago. But it’s not going to ever be like that again. 

          we’re going to live with masks and chapped hands for a long time yet. so get over it. don’t be one of those people who refuse to pick up after their dog. who throw trash out the car window, who dump car oil down the drains. who don’t return shopping carts to the cart corral,  or even cut in line.  and refuse to wear a mask. nobody likes you.

          plus there are a few advantages to wearing a mask. people don’t tell you to smile. You can pretend not to recognize someone you don’t want to deal with. no one can tell you are wishing evil onto  the person in front of you. and a mask hides the acne and chin hair your old body is now producing. 

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                    See!  while wearing this mask no one can tell how angry i am!

you should be angry too. politicians have not been honest about the 196 thousand that have died needlessly. there is no forgiving this. 

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and this is just to show you what kind of week it’s been.     

         look at what Chewbacca did to me. well, not me exactly but close enough. i’ve been bragging about him being so well behaved. i left a wrp hanging from the loom and and he spent the night helping me. i walked in and looked at that mess and decided to cut my losses. got out the scissors and now have a much shorter warp than originally intended. He simply sat on the chair and watched me. i don’t have the patience to deal with this kind of thing any longer. life is too short and i hadn’t had my second cup of coffee yet. 

          on a more positive note i’ve lost another 3/5 pounds. have been spending fridays with my nutritionist in phoenix. the keto diet goes against everything i’ve ever been told and every food pyramid i’ve ever seen but it’s working. 

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