rough week

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        yesterday was chewbacca’s turn for trauma. somehow he’d managed to get cat poo all over himself. asked grrr to help. wraped him in a heavy bath towel and put his rear end in the kitchen sink. i washed and gave his butt a hair cut. surprisingly there’s not much cat body under all that fuzz. he did manage to get his back feet free and i have the proof on my arm. and a bite on the back of my hand. he pouted the rest of the day. he even had poo on his back. can’t figure out how he did that. but he doesn’t hold a grudge so he forgave me after several special kitty treats. 

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          cataract surgery - came home with a patch over my left eye. collapsed into the recliner and slept until grrr woke me up and told me to go bed. the stress of going to scottsdale for surgery had caught up with me. had a snack of graham crackers and tea, went to bed and slept the entire night.  my eye is painful and currently both eyes are leaking tears. Had a follow up appointment.  the surgical center picks you up at home and delivers you back to your front door. it’s a busy place. didn’t wait long before they called me in. got hooked up to all the bells and whistles and met the man who would be putting me to sleep. told him i was nervous and he assured me he could fix that. promised he didn’t use morphine. so we were good on that front. he found the vein, covered me with a heated blanket and i was out. had been told that they didn’t put you out all the way. they lied. i remember nothing until someone was waking me up and asking if i knew my name. of course i still know my name. collected my shoes and they escorted me out to the driver. wasn’t completely stable on my feet.  felt fine but confused.  couldn’t figure out which foot went on the running board first to get in the seat without getting my feet all tangled up.  My eye is painful. partly i think because they kept trying to take the makeup off but it’s a tattoo and was just not washing off. check up went fine. told me it takes about 3-4 weeks before you can see clearly with the new lenses. good because today it’s completely out of focus. Update-  3 days and i see better with the new lense than i do with the other eye. 

          thinking grrr will be driving for me the rest of the week. can’t seem to get both eyes to focus on the same thing at the same time. makes tuning out the news easy. 

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          Breaking News: Trump administration officials passed when Pfizer offered to sell the U.S. more coronavirus vaccine doses. Now Pfizer may not be able to provide more doses to the U.S. until June. and trump has now been rejected 50 odd times by the courts . 

          The definition of insanity is counting the same votes and expecting a different result. so now trump has lost georgia 3 times.  will he ever learn? and now he wants the supreme court to step in. 

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          And for a little trivia. did  you know you can now rent a christmas tree?  

Am hoping next week is better. for everyone. Stay safe, and wear the damn mask!

39 days 19 hours and 20 minutes till the inauguration.  Hang in there!!!!



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