self isolating isn’t new


          self isolating isn’t new for me. it’s my comfort zone.  when i was a child we had to move so i could start school. there were no other children where i lived. i had Boris, my St Bernard and an imanginary friend. 

first grade was a shock.  i wasn’t able to related to other children and they wouldn’t let boris come to school. recess was torture. 


          fast forward 30 years.  was divorced. bought a house with acreage and a building for a weaving studio. had 2 horses, 4 lincoln longwools, 6 angora rabbits, a bunch of wild chickens, a goose named Emily, a mulicaan cockatoo named McFearsome, a few cats and a doberman. never felt alone. being solitary was great for being productive. not so much for mental health. it reached a point where going to town for groceries was extremely stressful.  slowly came to the realization that my life style was not healthy. got a room mate which helped. 

          so forward again 40 some years. i’m completely good with being in lock down. this time i have grrr which makes it better. Everything on my calendar has been cancelled. all the clubs and rec centers have closed. in fact the rec centers even have security. went to pick up my teacher box and as soon as I got out of the car they told me I wasn’t allowed on the premises.  


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          finished this quilt for a local gal. beautiful dragon fly fabric so that’s what i stitched on it with lavender thread. she picked it up today and left me another one. plus she has one more to get finished before she leaves for the summer.  the quilt club is asking for blocks to make a virus quilt when this is over with. received an advertisement from a long arm pattern company that they now have a toilet paper pattern.  sounds perfect. It occured to me that all the quilters are house bound making quilt tops that will need quilting. so much for a Lola taking the summer off. 

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          Grrr had a doctor appointment this morning for a general 6 month check. he got there and they sent him home with a new appointment for May. so far we’re both healthy. i have my normal cough but i do need to visit Benoit. the lump behind my knee has gotten larger and it’s interfering with tendons and hurts. i’m now walking around with a bottle of tylenol and smelling like bio-freeze. a person only gets surgery if you're bleeding.  

          had a short meeting with several weaving teachers for future lectures.  my room is big enough we could sit 6 feet apart.  We planned out several lecture /demos for fall.  I’d been approached about having another lecture on drafting so we decided what we’d do it when life got back to normal. (When ever that is) They are going to give the lectures and I’m weaving samples for references. 

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          now i need to plan a shopping list. the grocery stores have both pick up and delivery along with the local restaurants. we’ll be doing ‘pick-up.  have heard folks talk about the crazies loading up on silly items. found this on fb and agree. have never found a good explaination on why toilet paper is the item to hoard. i’d much rather hoard cookies. 

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          haven’t had any serious cat attacks lately. my legs are all healed up. and maybe it’s a ‘cat’ thing but he insists on sleeping right in the middle of the room where he’s going to get stepped on if you’re not paying attention. i can guarantee he’ll bite then. currently hair balls vomiting is our biggest issue. but he says hi to his fan club out there. 


Maggie & Louie

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