signs of change 

Bad news for Peeps lovers. "No chick or treat" – The headline about Peeps not being available this Halloween because of the pandemic. 

          Procrastination is real. and i have it . i often steal ideas from  Laura Fry’s blog. she’s always good for ideas about what to write about each week. 

          i’m continually finding myself not really wanting do do something. managing to find multiple distractions for not doing ‘ he thing’ i should be doing. it’s just so much easier to plop into my chair in front of the tv and rev up my anger.  anger burns more calories. and the more i avoid ‘ he thing’ i should be doing the less i want to actually do it. and this includes working in my room. i love my room and everything in it. but currently the 'just do it thing' is becoming a bigger and bigger obstacle.

          I always have an excuse,. Sometimes the excuse is legitimate. But most frequently it isn't. I allow the more 'interesting' distractions to push 'the thing' I do not really want to do aside until it goes 'critical’ but in my life there is no critical. deadlines are a thing of the past. 

          laura sets deadlines for herself. calling them goals. i just don’t have the self discipline. then i manage to convince myslef that nobody’s life depends on anything i do or don’t do. she also has a goal of weaving down her stash. it’s a great idea. but it’s easier to have a stash sale which allows me not to feel guilty every time i look at the giant amount of materials i have on hand. even if i manage to work out there until I’m a 100 i won’t be able to use it up. 

          this is a quote from Laura " joy is where you go when no one asks you to, you don’t get paid for it, it’s a default choice and it’s where you go when you want time in your day to do it. everyone has some joy, somewhere. Use it.”  

          so now onto the news and my rant of the week. there are way too many Trump memes on FB to use them all but here are some of the most telling

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            i’m sick and tired of this A** who can’t tell a truth from a lie any longer.  voting can’t get here soon enough. besides that he’s just flat stupid!

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          Ok. enough ranting for this week. And Grrr keeps warning me that not everyone feels like i do. But i hear from a lot of folks and so far most agree with me even if they have reservations about Joe and Kamala. remember Kamala is the woman that made Kavanaugh cry at his hearing. i loved that. 

            so this last cartoon shows what Grrr feels about my blog.  he tells me that sometimes i just need to stop talking ( or in this case typing).  he gets more upset over the nasty emails and comments that i get than i do.  my delete key works just fine. 


          managed to get about 5 inches woven on the pendleton loom. don’t think i’ll ever get used to having the treadles so far apart. not sure how many yards i cut off after Chewbacca got done helping but expect to only get 3-4 towels from what’s left on it. the right side photo is using a Blazing Shuttles warp on the baby wolf loom. 

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           sweet chewbacca is testing my tolerance and love.  he now recognizes the cat carrier when i bring it out of the closet.  instantly went into hiding and it took grrr and i 15 minutes to find and catch him. i cheated. got out the package of cat treats, sat in my chair and rattled the package. he couldn’t resist. gave him a treat and grabbed him. grrr took him and dumped him into the crate. what a struggle. he screamed the entire 2 miles to the vet’s office. 

          they are loosening up at the vet’s office. i was able to go in with him to an exam room.  they took him to another room for the booster shot. he doesn’t fight them if he can’t see me.   i explained that last time he hadn’t felt good that evening. this time it was just one shot. brought him home and couldn’t even tell he’d had a shot. was back to his bouncy self. beating up on his cat nip mouse.  

          except the next morning he’d stolen the entire package of cat treats, broken into it and eaten the majority. so today i expect him to be feeling poorly and vomiting from the overload of hair ball medicine. too bad he won’t put 2 and 2 together and learn not eat the entire package. plus during the cat chase i managed to put my back out. spending the next several days with my favorite chiropractor.  

          i hurt all over. am wondering if part of this is the left over Keto flue she was telling me about. don’t think i’ve managed my diet well this week. have been on pain pills (222’s) which take any appetite away. but i did lose more weight. am within 6 pounds of my goal. then to call Benoit. 

          another week closer to November 3. (thank God) can’t get here soon enough. 

          I am so ready for this year to be over. it's been rough with the pandemic, the fires, floods, heat and most of all my heart goes out for those who lost a love ones.  and the entire nation is in mourning for RBG.  Some people cannot be easily replaced. We really need her during this time. 

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