sleeping is how i’m currently managing to get thru this. it’s not productive. it’s not healthy but it gets me thru the day. wake up late, take an afternoon nap during the news, and then go back to bed. 

20200505 123239

          have managed some time in the studio. this is a customer quilt. waiting for a thread order from superior threads. i have color sample cards and there’s a color in the order that will work with the pale peach border. haven’t chosen a pattern yet but it will be curvy. 

20200502 144611



           did get one of my ‘stress’ tops stitched together. these were long half pieces of a package of 10 inch pieces. wishing i could get more motivated. not fond of it but at least it’s together. 

20200508 131518

          the little vibration piece is a test to see how it works. there will be blocks with the same oranges and green instead of the lavender. this is using up the stack of 5 inch orange batic squares i’ve collected over the years. and today a fellow quilter sent a list of places that are offering free patterns. just what i need. way too many ideas. now i need to figure out a pattern to use up the pile of jelly rolls I’ve got stashed in a box. 

20200505 132250

          made a trip to the grocery store.  actually got dressed which now includes a face mask. it’s strawberry time. and since i can’t go to coco’s restruarnt and get strawberry blitzes we’re having strawberries at home. bought an angel cake mix. (don’t have a pan but that’s a minor setback) am juicing the berries and we’ll have desert tonight. they had everything i needed. and the majority of people were wearing masks . so this is my new glamour shot. definitely need a hair cut but did a ‘do it yourself one this morning) it also needs an oil treatment that will just have to wait. 

20200329 140107

          in case anyone is wondering Louie is doing just fine. i did not refill his kitty prosaic. i think the problem has been handled. seems it was a habit and once we broke the routine i haven’t gotten bitten . he still runs in there everytime i enter ‘his’ room and he blocks my path but no attacks. i’m so relieved  the gal who did his toenails several weeks ago remembered him as a ‘special needs’ cat. that pretty much describes him. she wasn’t surprised at the prosaic prescription. they could have warned me.  but he’s mellowing out and i hate to say that this isolation is also putting pounds on him too. if you look closely you can see his cat tree leaning. 

20200508 124642

          also finished a small knitting project. have never made a cowl before. one skein of very colorful acrylic yarn.     

          time to go sit on the front patio in the sun and get some vitamin D. if it’s not in the 3 digit temperature i bring the spinning wheel out with me. at least i can wave at the folks going by on bikes.              

          am telling myself it’s ok to not be productive. i’ve noticed grrr sitting in his garage (work shop) watching glue dry. that probably is more productive than sleeping but he really gets zoned out. it’s like i wake him up when i go out there. at least so far he hasen’t fallen out of his chair. 

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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. if you’re a mom hope your kids are able to be with you.  i checked with Louie. seems i’m a servant. 



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