slow week

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          the good news is no new cat bites. i think the trip to the vet and the rabies shot is having a residue effect. he’s not acting like he normal. after bringing him home he refused to eat for 3 days, was not his social self, pretty much stayed in bed in the guest room all day except for trips to the litter box. however got up this morning and over night he had eaten his entire dish of food so am hoping he’s getting back to normal. 

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          tapestry class is still a busy little group.  The sunset piece is from Tina. wonderful job!.  am waiting to see what she decides to do next. and Beth has taken a side road into weaving with beads. back with her flamingos. And Ann has decided that maybe tapestry isn’t what she want to spend her time with. that’s what these classes are for. try it and love it or try it and leave it. but now you know the basics. this last week i brought a start of a tiny coiled basket to demo with using rug wool and cloths line rope. the basket in the photo has a paper core and is much bigger than the one i was building. 

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the side by side beaded bracelets are also Beth. 

          Have been struggling with a black and white warp on the gilmore. Bad decision to attempt to use 2 warps of different lengths. also warped back to front and had a complete mess. Finally got it straightened out and ready to thread the reed, fix the broken warps and get started. 

          not having much luck with the new tablet for Lola either. managed to get the majority of my patterns loaded but some just don’t want to move.  also can’t find where to move current projects to. the new system is completely different from the original one. will be calling the shop and asking for help on team viewer come Monday. 

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          and surprise news from washington. our oldest grand son got married. he and Johnie have talked about it long enough.  and a while backhe  bought her a beautiful emerald ring.  so it’s not a surprise to any of us. they chose the historic Issaquah train depot for the event. and cupcakes for the cake with a topping to take home for the freezer. Congratulations to both of them. 

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            have been avoiding the news. between the corovirus and politics it’s all depressing. Read an article by a woman in kirkland who wants to be tested because she is showing symptoms and has asthma. she can’t get it done. all she’s getting is the run around. no test kits to be had unless you are returning from foreign soil.  i walk around with a cough, runny nose and it’s normal for me. the alergies here are far worse than in washington. not sure i’d notice any difference. 



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