so much for our open society

          so now we’re dealing with lying politicians, the economy tanking and a pandemic. what is happening to the world we know? i don’t see anything getting better any time soon. i usually look on the positive side of things but right now i can’t find it. and worrying won’t change anything. life is changing. 


            grocery shopping yesterday was a problem. so many everyday items are no longer available. the clerk called it a shopping frenzy. and why is there a run on toilet paper of all things. and there is no purell to be found either.  

          so far in sun city the weavers have cancelled their meetings. the quilters are closed for the duration. a neighboring town has closed their rec centers for 2 weeks so it may happen here. and since i have a cronic cough  a lot people are going to give me a wide path. i am concerned with my breating issues so i’m taking precautions. washing my hands which i already do  (in our bathrooms you can sing happy birthday twice while washing your hands and you still don’t have hot water). but touching my face is a completely thoughtless gesture. do people have to wear a cone like they put on pets? 

20200311 105320orange1

          attended a color class for quilters this week. it’s fascinating how differently people see color. it comes down to it’s your quilt - if you like it, it works. the teacher is a long time quilter who uses a sit down long arm machine. believes when you’re really unsure about choices pick a line of fabric designed together. you can’t go wrong. or purchase a kit. WHAT!! and make a quilt exactly like a hundred others. No. no. no. (i didn’t say that out loud.) 

          the most popular color in quilts is blue. i was probably the only one in the room who doesn’t favor blue. Above is one of my favorite quilts, i was the only one in the room that liked orange. i believe orange is the happiest color there is.  Folks asked if this multi color quilt was mine. It is not but i love it. bright happy colors. i’d claim it. 

          am struggling with a black/white warp on the gilmore. a friend helped me thread heddles for one side last week. But we were busy visiting and i didn’t reverse the threading pattern. i generally start in the center and work out from both sides. so this week i’m re-threading one side. got that done and now fixing errors. and it’s making me crazy. Every other thread is black or white and it makes my eyes jump. after an hour i have a head ache. at this point i’m determinded to out-stubborn that damn warp. 

          Lola is back in business. finished the quilt that had gotten dusty and covered in cat hair. (Louie nests in the batting that hangs down in front.) have a customer who has 3 she wants done before leaving for the summer. am trying to track her down before someone else steps in line. 

20200306 152930

          i think Louie has a new normal. had the hvac system serviced and he hid from the guys working on it.  in the past he would have been out pestering them and getting in the way. instead he spent the day behind the sofa. but then had a quilter here to pick up her quilt and he came in and said hi to her. course we were in ‘his’ room. (the studio). he’s lost weight but not enough to panic over. 

          the rain has ceased at least for several days. it’s beautiful arizona weather at least for today. have been told we can expect more rain next week. and the kids have cancelled their visit with us until the worst is over. didn’t want to expose us ‘old’ folks to anything and the idea of being confined to an airplane was just not attractive. don’t blame them. 

          off to fight with the black/white warp. Again. 


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