still no rain

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          the weather people keep promising and Mother Nature keeps laughing at them. there has been rain around the state. last night we got a small taste of rain. not enough to make a difference. 


        The loom-  haven’t been able to find anyone or anywhere to get 9 inch heddles. Lots of sympathy, but no help.   So. .. . .  removed the new 9.5 inch heddles and will put them on one of the other looms. had a light bulb moment and dug the old nasty bent twisted heddles out of the garbage and am working on straightening them out and making them usable. Don’t need a huge number so saving what I can and in the mean time will be tying new ones with seine twine. Drat!  But with 13 yards of cotton on it I can’t give up now. so today i will be re-threading the pattern and maybe working on towel #2. 

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          Chewbacca made another trip to the vet for vaccinations. poor guy. Which means I got to sit in the car during 114 degree heat and wait for him to be brought back to me. (the vet apologized for traumatizing him.) got home and he didn’t feel well. that evening he sat on my lap and cried. made my heart hurt. nothing i can do to make it better. he goes back next month for a booster. i haven’t told him yet.

          i and my germ pod friends made another road trip to scottsdale to the needle point shop. Spent a small fortune on thread for my next project. she didn’t have 3 of the colors i needed so she’ll mail them to me. that piece is big enough that it’s awkward to work on but i can’t just sit and watch tv like grrr does. have to do something with my hands now that i completed my first project. if you look closely at it you can tell i’m a beginner. the tension is not consistent thru out the whole piece. have been told i need to frame it or at least turn it into something. nope. it served it’s purpose and i learned a lot.  (Chewey recommends that idol hands  pet him.) 


          it’s getting harder and harder to write this blog. i used to be busy doing and going and now i eat and sleep and then sleep some more. there is no list. if only i could hibernate at least until after the election. am tied of stupid people, stupid politicians. a re-counting of the number of deaths each day because people don’t believe this virus is real. listen to Dr Fauci people. 


          and now we’re watching the democratic convention on tv every night for a week. grrr’s comment was that this way is better because we didn’t spend time listening to everybody clap every time some one gives a speech. and then trump goes on a twitter rant. he’s not even pretending to be in charge. how can one person be that stupid. even he voted by mail. plus i keep getting spam emails that are telling me our sun city post office is closed. it’s not. grrr was there the other day mailing a package. 

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          am trying to maintain a semblance of a routine of working in the studio every day for at least a couple of hours. (it helps keep my anger down to a tolerable level.) there’s no excuse not to. that room has it’s own air conditioning. it’s still too hot to have breakfast on the patio. 

          met with the nutritionist. we discussed the keto diet i tried. She recommended a different version of it and i agreed. she also did some testing for depression. thinks that can be helped by diet rather than chemicals. also. she’s in phoenix so we’re doing the consultation weekly on face time.  this knee needs fixing. the pain is to the point i’m getting ‘crabby’ because it hurts every time i move.  however, the exciting thing about the trip to her office was my car got hit by a tree that was getting blown around by the high winds. the passenger door on the drivers side shows minor damage. and if you didn’t know it was a tree you’d maybe it had an argument with a porcupine. 

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