this is getting old and so am i

          As much of an introvert as I am I’m tired of being isolated. Last week I went on a shopping spree of all the internet sales for fiber and fabric. Done with that. i’m not normally a depressed but it’s gotten to the point where i just don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.  I’m just about out of steam. nothing to look forward to. Have lost interest in most everything.  Depression and isolation have set in. I even miss grocery shopping which I hate. We went last week. 6:00am is when the stores are open for us old people. Was not able to get any rice or noodles. and the fresh fruit wasn’t up to par but they did have paper products. 

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          Grrr’s birthday dinner was a bust. i had ordered and scheduled pick up with olive garden online. we got there and they coulnd’t find my order. kept asking if i had ordered from a different location. the arrowhead restraunt is the only one i know. so don’t think it was me. and got home and checked. i did have a confiration email from them. if we do this again i’ll call the order in an hour before i want it. but for now we’re cooking from home for a while. 

          Yesterday we did have an electrician here to replace and fix the living room light and fan. The old one died and that room is awfully dark without it. Turned out to be way more work than he and we expected. He spent time crawling around the attic working on the wiring. These old houses have issues. 

         did get a few things accomplished earlier this week. a customer quilt. flannel front and back. this is the quilt that the backing fabric had chew holes in it that had to be fixed. not sure what team it represented so stitched a loopy swirly pattern all over. 

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          the quilt blocks below are mine. it’s one of those - it seemed like a good idea at the time. but now i don’t like it. so it’s just going to live where it is for a while. then get bagged up into a zip lock and put in the someday i’ll finish this box. 

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          and Louie is getting to big to fit into his cat perch. I’ve managed to anchor the entire thing to the floor but he’s a big guy and it gets tippy when he gets up there. you’d think he’d want to face the outdoors but he sits there and watches us in the living room. just in case we want to sneak out. 

               today I’m spinning on the front deck and working on my tan since I can’t go to the pool across the street. Have just kind of lost interest in everything. This is getting old and so am i. 

But we’re both healthy. crabby but healthy.

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           some things can be solved with duck tape. keep that roll handy. 

till next time.


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