more updates

           i’m trying to retire the rented walker! it was beginning to get in the way and made my right shoulder hurt. the hardest thing i do is get out of the bath tub. can’t do it without grrr’s help. it’s my next big goal. one of these days i’ll make it on my own. haven’t seen my theripist since last week. but i’m doing my exercises. making progress every day. last week i could get to 90 degrees. this week it’s 112 degrees according to the theripist. 

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            made a big escape with the help of some girl friends. we had lunch across the street at George’s. so good to get out of the house.    


                getting out of bed this morning both my feet were the same size. course now i’m sitting at the computer and can feel the right foot swelling up. time for my ice pack. and coffee.

           this is week 4 and it’s the third theripist i’ve had. he was much more relaxed than the other two. no lectures. Banner Boswell just doesn’t seem to have the home visits on a regular schedule. this one suggested i try standing on my new knee and exercising the left leg. feels this will let me start trusting the new one. this theripist also pointed out that on the carpet with the walker i limp but on the kitchen tile i don’t. i think it’s habit. this knee should have been fixed over a year ago before covid. 

          temps are working towards 3 digits this week. which makes it too hot to have breakfast on the front patio. 


          tomorrow we’re making a trip to spencers to pick out a new stove top, oven and microwave. Yourson folks will be here monday to make the final selection of what we’ve chosen.

          hard to believe that it’s May already. and the only thing i have to show for it is another scar. the bruising is cleaing up and but entire outside of my leg is numb to the touch. so no tatoo there.

          have been having secnd thoughts about getting Chewbacca a brother. he’s such a moma’s boy it’s been pointed out that he wouldn’t be willing to share my attention. and i just can’t break his happy little heart like that. .



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