Time moving slowly

           one thing i’ve been reading about is that people are feeling guilty about not being productive enough with all the time this pandemic has given us with no obligations attached. (unless you are an essential worker). i too have felt that i’m wasting time. i have a room full of projects that i should/could be working on but have come to the conclusion that for my mental health just surviving this is how i’m using my time. 

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          i’ve always been aware how fragile life is. surviving my childhood taught me that. but i always knew i was a survivor. i’d get knocked down by a physical accident or emotional crisis and always managed to get back up (sometimes with the help of a surgeon or two.) so i feel with proper attention to wearing masks, washing often and staying away from groups we can get thru this safely. 

          we’re comfortable with our lives and we both plan to outlive the current crisis. plus when i’m in a better state of mind i have a ton of fiber to use up before i go. and grrr just took in a load lumber that will take a long time to reduce to sawdust. 

          maybe i should’nt have said anything about being comfortable. i had truly believed this house was done making trouble for us. Tuesday we didn’t have any hot water. called the plumber and he put a temporary fix on the hot water tank (which is only 2 years old) and last night the A/C died. we were getting hot air. this morning was the soonest they could get here. it’s 86 degrees in here and we’re miserable (shows how spoiled we are) and Chewey insisted on trying to sleep on top of me last night. he doesn’t understand rejection. 

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          grrr nad i made a road trip to 35th ave fabric store in Phoenix. they lost points in my estimation. you walk in and there is a beautifully decorated christmas tree at the entrance. WRONG! i wish i could skip the next 4-5 months but i have friends who are seriouly into christmas movies at the moment. i just can’t. christmas in arizona is hard to wrap your head around anyway. No snow, it’s not cold enough for a coat. covering your palm trees and cactus with ornaments and Santa hats doesn’t cut it. but grrr found the river rock fabric he was looking for and i (of course) found a couple pieces for a future project. 

essential people

           and lastly i want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the essential workers out there who are risking there lives keeping this country functioning. We need every one of you. and when you wait on me at the shops and stores i make a point of telling you how appreciative i am. 

          then several friends and i went to scottsdale to a needlepoint shop. they have an entire room of tiny skeins of any type of fiber you can imagine. (at a shocking price of course.) wool, silk, linen, cotton, paper, metallic, you get the idea. they have a second room of printed canvas designs. i purchased a small one just to give it a try. Once i have a quick lesson it’s something i can do in my chair in the evenings. 

          the husband of the weaver from the air force base picked up the rigid heddle loom she is purchasing from a friend. one less thing cluttering up the floor in there. as he was leaving we went to shake my hand (i don’t do that any more) and he offered if i ever needed any of this equipment moved to call him. he felt they owed me. told him i’m never moving again. 

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           still haven’t finished the quilt on Lola. it’s a quilt that belongs to the club and since they aren’t open with no opening date in sight i’m letting it get dusty and working on looms instead. there is nothing prettier than a warped loom. this will be 10 yards of dish towels. next step is the all white warp for samples of different setts for fall class (if it even happens). 

i found a cat that fits in the cat tree

          and i finally have a cat that fits in the cat tree. Louie always had body parts that would hang out at assorted angles. never did look comfortable for him. Chewbacca is a keeper as long as i cover mounted quilts with tin foil. 

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          sounds like Fauci needs to keep his day job after throwing out the first ball. but seriously, who are you going to believe. the guy who has spent his life studying viruses, or the guy who had to be talked out of nuking a hurricane and ingesting chlorine.

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             now to go turn the a/c on in my room and wind more warp for the 3rd loom and maybe have some breakfast. 

tell next week. 



  this is what i’m going to do to feel better. 

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