i’m not the only one

i’m not the only one during this that is having emotional problems.  not that it helps much. 


          ran across an excellent article on how isolation affects people. even Michelle Obama is having depression problems during this. podcast episode


          5 simple steps to avoid a shutdown per Anthony Fauci

On last week’s CNN Town Hall, “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said a shutdown isn’t necessary if we do just five things:

  1. Wear a mask 
  2. Maintain physical distance
  3. Avoid or close bars 
  4. Stay away from large gatherings 
  5. Wash hands 

“This is not rocket science. These are things that everyone can do,”  Fauci said. 

         These are vital steps for us to all follow, considering there are now more than 4.7 million infections and more than 159,000 deaths from this virus in the United States. 

         Yet, people continue to gather in large groups -- and that spreads the virus. For example, 43 cases have been linked to a house party in Michigan earlier this month. Most of the cases are in people between 15-25 years old. Last week, it took police more than five hours to break up a house party in New Jersey with about 700 guests. These kind of events can be the super-spreader type events that make it so much more difficult for us to get a handle on the pandemic.

          As I’ve said from the beginning of this pandemic:  We can get this pandemic under control if we work together.

          What do we have to do to get the message across to the knuckleheads who are refusing to do these simple things. This last comment is mine. not Dr Fauci’s.  

Ok stepping off my soap box for now. 

          Took Chewbacca to the vet for his ears. they itch and it drives him crazy. turns out he has a yeast infection. since he won’t let me put drops in without getting bitten he’s going back to have antibiotic ear packs put in for 2 weeks.  even a visit to the vet is different. they take the pet and communicate with you by phone. course he was terrified and managed to pee all over himself in the cat carrier so they had to turn on the water to clean him up. from what i was told that was very traumatic to both the cat and vet tech. knowing how he feels about water i’m not surprised.  he had to go back because they needed to put G-packs in both ears since he wouldn’t allow me to medicate him. came home tramatized. they use a kitty straight jacket to control him while they do it. this morning he skipped breakfast. now this is a cat who never walks away from his plate if there’s one morsel left on it. he’s better today. his whole head is greasy and he hates it. at least he doesn’t hold a grudge. 

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          had my germ pod friends over for a couple of hours and we discussed the needle point projects we’re working on. (however they both brought knitting.) i worked on my new project. and have ordered another one. which i’ll have to purchase the thread for. it didn’t come as a kit. another excuse for a road trip.

          this is the club quilt i completed and the hot pink and purple is the current one Lola is working on. i love the colors. stitching a circular pattern in a beige and white thread. looking good. 

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          still haven’t tied on the rainbow towel warp but have completed the threading of the pattern for class samples.  Currently the big discussion is wether RCSC will be cancelling the big fall craft sale. i’m betting yes - it will be cancelled. and if we will ever get to go back to our club rooms and classes that were so rudely interrupted.  i know that the churches are cancelling their Christmas bazaar sales. grrr was all set to rent space at one and they let him know it wasn’t going to happen. 

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          and speaking of grrr. he loves his pet robot, Redford.  it now knows the complete map of the entire house and knows what rooms to stay out of. Chewey isn’t impessed. it manages to corner him and he gets aggressive with it and then when it turns around he stalks it. and it’s not impressed either. it’s really good picking up cat hair.  But, it doesn’t pick up stray feathers from his favorite toy. as long as it understands to stay away from the studio we’re all good. this is not my warp. it’s a photo i stole off the internet as an example. 

chewey is hot

          it’s still hot but nothing like last week. now it’ averages between 100 and 110. still too hot to do anything outside. so no breakfast on the patio. folks here walk their dogs at 5am. other wise the dogs burn their feet on the pavement. that’s why i have a cat. i suppose it’s daylight at 5:00am. not sure. nobody in this house opens their eyes at that time of day? every morning i check the storm forcast praying for rain. but no body is listening. 

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          still avoiding the news. spending my time plugged into the mp3 listening to books. and working in my room. untill nap time. i don’t believe trump is going to have a vaccine at election time. that’s a gimmick to get people to vote for him.  and if he does have one i’m not going to get it. my plan is to wait until Dr. Fauci recommends one. trump is a snake oil salesman and i just don’t trust him.  


          and this is what the fashion industry has come up with matching face masks for your wardrobe. not a bad idea and i’m sure it’s perfect for some people but i won’t be purchasing any. 

20200725 190535

          and here’s another photo of my sweet cat. this was before his head got greased up with ear packs. 

till next time. 


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