good news

pictures of what I completed in January

this is a picture of what i accomplished in january. but i do have good news. 

          met with my favorite surgeon yesterday and i have a date with him in march for a new knee. they took multiple x-rays and he told me there was no helping it and did i want the screws back as souvenirs when he takes them out. i told him no i didn’t need to keep them. his office is makeing all the appointments for pre-op check ups. and then he told me that the left knee wasn’t far behind in the amount of damage. it doesn’t hurt so we’re leaving it alone for now. was also told i had to be over this cold grrr gave me and i would have to be vaccinated for covid before surgery date. we have another vaccine appointment next week. 

         i also asked him to check my right arm. which has gotten very pain full since i fell out of bed. he had me do some exercises with it and told me it was a severe soft tissue bruise. the muscle is badly brused. but i hadn’t damaged anything important. a real relief. 

          the roof passed inspection in preparation for the solar panels. we were’t worried about it. 

and i got my new glasses with the prisims. i’m a happy camper and grrr thinks i look normal now. i’ve worn glasses for so many years. i looked naked without them. 

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          this is Chewbavcca waiting for me to come to bed. he is such a sweet cat. every morning hwe race each other to the kitchen for his breakfast and my coffee. grrr and i haven’t discussed a sibling since last week. it’s not a hill i want to die on.  though several people commented that they’d be willing to help hurry it along. i turned them down. 

           and all of a sudden it’s February!  The calendar pages keep on turning.  I either achieve my goals, or I do not.   the world doesn't care.  days just keep rolling on, regardless of me or what I want.

           I knew about the curse 'May you live in interesting times."   I never thought I would one day be living in 'interesting' times.  And yet, here we are. i would change this to 'frightening times'. can’t wait for the day that trump isn’t the first story on every news channel. 

         This week hasn't been great for a number of reasons and I am 'behind' on what I wanted to accomplish.  no one cares, really.  Nothing I do is earth shattering.  Nothing I do will change the big picture.

So instead I try to pick away at what I can do.  grocery shop, laundry and  stay as positive as I can (some days are easier than others).

 I extend a hand when I can (I can't always). 

I hoard my energy and patience, of which I have too little, of late.

Gratitude is a good thing and I practice that as much as I can.

Stay home.  Wear a mask . Maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.  Wash your hands.

love you all. 


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