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             Just watched Dr Fauci on 60 Minutes. Here is my bottom line. When Dr Fauci takes a vaccine, so will I. Not before. I don’t trust the FDA to not be influenced by trump.  but Fauci said he would personally review the meta data before he takes it. I trust Fauci. #60Minutes #DrFauci

           If Donald Trump seems more desperate than most incumbents about the coming election, he may have good reason: Presidents do not typically have to worry about going to prison if they lose. then this morning i read about his rally in Florida where he’s telling people about building a bridge to Hawaii. Fact checkers can’t keep up. 

           i’m determined to not even think about the up coming election. too much stress. i’m out of patience with folks bad mouthing Biden ( nobody is perfect). make yourself useful and shut up. if we don’t win this election there will be nothing left to fight over. this country will not survive if trump wins. we may not survive if he loses. i think he’ll cause as much chaos and upheaval as possible if he loses.

          We did watch the debate with the agreement that after the first 10 minutes grrr would turn it off if it was going to be trump yelling over his cut off microphone. last night’s debate was decidedly more civilized, but it’s doubtful any minds were changed. Meanwhile, NBC’s Kristen Welker did well keeping both candidates in line. We’re in the homestretch, and one thing I’m pretty sure everyone agrees on: Let’s get this thing over with!  trump’s lies exhaust me.  people who are not happy with themselves are mean to other people so they build themselves up in their own minds. 


          and why is wearing a mask still a political issue?  what’s wrong with people??? i have not been anywhere that there was not a sign on the entry door asking for mask wearing. show a little respect for the hundreds of families who have lost a loved one. the holidays are going to be really hard for those folks. 2020 has been a year of unimaginable loss for so many families. Stay safe, wear a mask and social distance everyone. so when you get really annoyed about wearing that damn mask think about this: your choice to give up your normal life for the last 7 months may have saved someone's life and I don't want you to think - for one second - that it wasn't worth it.

          No great news this week. just trying to stay calm and stay away from the refrigerator.  my nutritionist started me on fruit this week and one piece of bread with my egg.  don’t think it’s going well. don’t need to eat all-bran cereal for dinner but haven’t lost any more weight. 

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          have an appointment mid november for cataract consultation. Yuck!

          am looking forward to the rain that they are predicting. it’s about time. i need something  to look forward to. course it’s also getting dark at 05:30. the cooler temps also seem to mean that Chewbacca wants to sleep under the covers with me. he’s a horrible bed partner. takes forever to settle down and then he does the happy foot thing on my skin. 

till next time.



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