last- photo- of- Chewey

           I spent time with Janet and Chewbacca this last week. he wasn’t over-joyed to see me. thinking maybe he thought i was going to take him home. so far he hasent’ warmed up to Janet or her husband. he’s proving to them he’s his own cat regardless of what they want. i so wanted to bring him home with me. 


          finially completed the RCSC membeship for Myrna. was months behind but it should be all good now. sent final list to Karen also. 

        temps are finally cooling down.  but i’m still wearing cut-off’s . long jeans irritate the incision. and so relieved that the the other knee can wait. just couldn’t face starting all over. 

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what is wrong with people?? is there no common sense anylonger. 

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till next week. mageez

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