you don’t know what you have until you clean your room. 


          this week along with laundry, grocery shopping and assorted household chores i picked up and did some organizing in my room. i have 2 boxes of fabrics that once used or rejected they get jammed into a box. cleaned, sorted and put those with the color stacks they belonged with. that whole room needs a re-work of color stacks. there are piles of the same colors on opposite sides of the room. i look around and it’s just too much effort. 

          even though i have been feeling unproductive i came across 9 tops that need borders, backings and bindings chosen, cut and sewn. where did they come from? some i remember working on. some not so much. so along with my tote of tops waiting for Lola i got busy and found appropriate fabrics to be added to them  from my stash so have added a second tote to my stash under the long arm.  also found 2 woven items that needed hemming plus a pair of jeans that need repair. -done

          found a box of zip lock bags full of different blocks that just need stiching into tops.  Plus several jelly rolls along with printed pictures of what i had planned to do with them. so there’s box number 3. at this point it’s overwhelming and i don’t know where to start. so now i’m reading up on how to select what to do next. does it matter?  they tell you to pick the low hanging fruit.  wtf does that mean?  

           the article suggests you call in reinforcements for help. since the quilters club is closed i don’t have that option. Previously i’d get an item quilted and donate it with the binding to be finished and sold at the fall sale. 

          so to make it simple i’m starting with a project that needs the least amount of work.


          went for another massage. won’t be going back there.  her table is set so high i actually fell off when i was trying to get up.  i look like i’ve gone a couple of rounds in a boxing gym. think i broke a couple of toes. they look worse today than yesterday. the bruise goes down the outside of my foot this morning. and they refuse to bend without my howling. seems i wacked my arm the way down and have a bruise across my forehead from the chair. landed pretty much flat on my stomach which was probably good  but my ribs hurt when i breath deeply. i’m sore and bruised all over, moving carefully  and into the Tylenol. 

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                           this guy (Mayhem) and is my most ever favorite person on TV. i can identify with him. when i came from the the massage therapist i was so shaken and rattled that i spent the day spilling and dropping every thing i touched.  

           got my thread order so today and the rest of the week will be spent with Lola. playing catch up on customers. in my cleaning frenzy i came across a customer quilt that i couldn’t identify. going to have to start having names put on them. embarrassing!  

          purchased a small humidifier to help my large cones of thread last longer. a while back i had to trash a huge amount of thread. it’s so dry here it gets brittle and lola refuses to use it. that stuff is just too expensive to replace due to the heat. am hoping this will help. 

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           this quilt is completed and picked up and now onto a christmas quilt. the temp is 3 digits out there and i’m looking at holiday patterns!  talk about getting ahead of the season. these woman are amazing. and productive! 

          Grrr ended up making a run to the emergency care center.  he has a nasty skin rash and the chills. last week he had a minor cold and cough but that seems to be over with. great news. he tested NEGATIVE for covid-19. gave both of us big scare. but he does have an epic yeast infection on his skin. i was guessing heat rash or an allergy to something new he was using in the shop. 

          now we wait for the surprise that July has for us? i’ve seen other lists like mine and it’s not looking good for the remainder of the year.

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so this what the longest day of the year gets us?

          pay attention people. wash your hands and wear your mask!!!   and listen to Dr Fauci!!!!


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