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          not pretty but it is getting better. because of the swelling it’s terribly stiff. took a shower this morining and attempted to wear a water proof bandage that managed to pull out several staples. 

          home therapy is not going well. the therapist lectures me and grrr chimes in with snide remarkes about how i’m never going to walk normal again. just the encouragement i need. the last appointment he wouldn’t work with me because my blood pressure was high.  

          supposed to keep the knee higher than the heart but do not use pillows under the leg. then tell me how. he’s been supposed to show me how to get in and out of a car but that hasen’t happened yet either. tells me i’m supposed to walk. friday i see Benoit and we need to talk about my right shoulder. it screams when i use the walker.  theripist just thinks i’m a wimp.

          thanking God for my cleaning lady. she’s doing my laundry which i can’t manage to get to the garage. maybe i shouldn’t have had it fixed. just wear the damn brace for more years. time for a nap and my ice pack. 

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          my eye is looking much better but the skin around it is still badly bruised. and my arms are clearing up also. 




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