waiting for the next disaster

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          so what is next? an alien invastion? an giant asteroid?  a super volcano? dragons and dinosaurs?  keep in mind we still have 6 months of 2020 left to survive. my superstitions are showing!  things happen in 3’s. 

          it’s been an ok week. spent several days at the physical therapy office. not sure it’s helping. seems the harder i work that knee the more painfull it gets just walking across the room. i mentioned that to the theripist and she told me that maybe postponing surgery wasn’t going to be a great solution.  

          had an MRI. that technology hasn’t changed much since i got my first one 30 some years ago. back then the machine lived in a semi trailer that they hauled to different hospitals in the area so making an appointment you had to catch up with it. the noise level is exhausting and after 30 minutes i get twitchy.  this time it was feet first and they didn’t strap me down. since that leg already has scars that look like it’s had major work i always get questions. - what’s the problem. well-there are mulitple problems. which one do you want to know first. the 30 year repair job has held up well but with the growth in there gettig bigger and there's a lot of pressure. the joint isn’t stable and it locks up when i stand at Lola. then later grinds, growls and swells and gets so stiff i need a tylenol to move. 

          we tried babboo’s restaurant. have been meaning to try it for a long time. got take out spaghetti. love those giant meat balls. best seasoning ever. the noodles i’m not as wild about. a single serving covers 2 meals. not sure we’d go back, the place is in surprise and seemed an awfully long way away. we’re really spoiled. 


          this is a little girl quilt i completed for a customer this week. very well made and the back had a colored stripe with her name appliqué on it. one of the smallest i’ve ever done. 

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          lola is being kept busy. working on another Fassett quilt for a local quilter. love her bright happy colorful quilts. thinking this is the 3rd one of hers using these fabrics and i’m still not tired of them.  she still has several totes of his fabric line. the locals are staying safe at home building tops and there has been a steady stream of women dropping off and picking up. currently only 4 behind. 

          this is a test block from a rainbow jelly roll. only have 11 more color runs to cut and sew. 

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          have not been weaving. attempted to use the gilmore but the treadles are too heavy for the right leg at the moment. need to warp up the new Pendleton and give it a test run. Appears to be a well loved and used loom. not expecting any problems. 

        spent a morning at a friends house. we sat and spun. have been doing this once a week and i so enjoy it. she is one of the first friends i made when i moved here. took the tour of her new house.  much smaller than where she lived before. very nice. also big enough we can sit at least 6 feet apart and visit. but i miss the hugs she has always given. she also has a schacht wheel i will purchase/borrow.  can use my left foot to treadle. all my wheels are right footed. 

          i’m calming down from my rant at the beginning of the week. And for the first time one of my rants didn’t get any hate mail. no push back. usually i have at least one person that wants to argue over something i’ve said which i’ve come to expect. i’ll listen but i won’t fight with you about it. i can’t change the world (if only i could)


          now i’m waiting see how the covid takes advantage of the protesters and rioters. everyone needs to remember we are perishable goods living on a borrowed unstable planet. we all have value and love. and jumping into a crowd is not going to go well.  herd immunity sounds like a good idea until you end up in ICU and possibly never come home to those who value you. i want to see how you survive this. remember it’s just the ‘flu.’  We know so little about this virus, not even if a vaccine will be effective or available any time soon.  People are going to have to either take precautions, or they will get sick. 

          i have the benefit of being able to stay home and away from the traveling germs peeking around every corner. Me, (Grrr) my masks, my purell, my lysol wipes and my common sense. every medical appointment asks the same questions and i always am able to give the right answers. i refuse to be a statistic. we will all die soon enough. let’s not hurry it along. so go wash your hands!

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this cartoon makes my heart hurt!

till next time.



Off to finish that quilt on Lola. 

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