what is the matter with this country!!!   

          i’ve been feeling so much better now that the isolation is easing up. my weavers group is opening up (very carefully), the quilters are waiting a month. and then in the evenings we watch the news and the hopelessness and depression rushes right back. 

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          Riots, lootings, violence.  i understand it. i agree with the protesters but it’s the groups that come later for the destruction that ruin what the peacefull protesters are all about. they completely change the message so badly it all gets mixed in together in people’s heads. destroying livelihoods  and property is not solving anything. it takes years to recover. a california goverener last night said that it takes 20 years to get back to the employment and economic stability from a riot like this. 

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          Grrr and i had a talk about the cop who knelt on George Floyd's neck till he died. just watcing that video that cop knew exactly what he was doing. i feel the other three should be charged as accomplishes. they did nothing. we talked about what he would have done if he’d been there. there’s a fine line between doing what’s right and going along to fit in with your fellow officers. personally i’ve always been ok going against the crowd. he’s more thoughtful and is just greatful he never had to make that choice. i believe he would have done the right thing. or i wouldn’t be here with him. 

          i read blogs from other weavers and quilters from around the world. one couple who live on the east coast are from germany and are moving back. she labels herself as a white liberal with all the benefits (as am i) i have no where to go. 

          just saw a news clip that now New Zealand is having a giant march with “Black lives Matter chants”.  wish i could say that all this will help but  we need to figure out how to get down into people’s souls and undo the hate so many seem to harbor. 

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          i just can’t watch anly longer as my country disintegrates and destroys itself and trump helps it along the way with his nasty aggressive rhetoric. 

          somehow in my formative years i missed out on the majority of prejudice being stuffed into my growing mind. i do have a hot button. (if you live and work in this country you better learn the language.) i won’t shop or patronize where i can’t communicate. 

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          i know our previous version of normal was not true. but it was comfortable because so many of us didn’t work to make any changes to thing things that needed change. i see people offering prayers. i don’t believe prayers will help. we need deep soul work to heal millions of angry people. and it seems no one knows how to do that. 


         currently even our own little community of retired folks apparently needs a curfew. the AZ governor has felt the need to include us. so when the rec centers close people have time to get settled at home. have not been made aware that we’ve had any problems other than live bands entertaining in peoples driveways. 

          and i have managed to find some positive photos on the internet. check this out. doesn’t fix anything but shows there is hope. 


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