we are still on pause

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          I probably appear to be a pretty structured person, but the truth is that I’m normally on the edge of slipping into total chaos.  being busy is what keeps me in control. but lately being in isolation with no structure, no deadlines has allowed things to slip.   my periods of control are getting shorter. 

         I really am just trying to cope here. It’s going to be at least another month.  

     Too Much Information and not all of it accurate.  too much of it is politically biased in opposite directions. germs don’t care. 

     I am disappointed that events are still being cancelled. I understand why.  i'm not angry at the event co-ordinators, the teachers, the serving staff etc., for doing this. it's been strongly recommended - stay home.  If you need to go out, maintain physical distance from others.
Wash your hands.  With soap. wear your mask.

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         stress is taking a toll on my creativity. Lola and I are waiting for a thread order, can’t focus on counting well enough to warp a loom so have been making ‘stress free’ quilt tops.  my tops are getting simple. no more complicated piecing or making tricky color decisions. have several completed tops this week. (miss my huge design wall.) this top ended up on the floor in order to get the last rows put on correctly.  needed to make sure it’s really straight and square. these diamonds are cut from a nickel pack. 

20200428 110108

         the second top is a take off from a piece of fabric i saw advertised. have always been fascintated with paisley. so here’s my version. this one fits on the design wall. 

20200422 134947

          did find a person from 4-paws who makes house calls for Louie’s toe nails. Her name is tanya. She told me she remembered him and asked if he’d gotten as big as they expected. I said no he hadn’t. She never even saw him standing. He was sleeping in his cat perch and she did it before he had his eyes open. so now he is mentally scolding me for allowing a stranger to invade his private space. buck up cat! we’re all in this together. My toe nails need cutting too. 


          badly in need of a hair cut. don’t color it so that’s one less thing to worry about. both grrr and i had pedicure appointments this month but they got moved.   the dentist apt got postponed since i don’t have any complaints. am trying hard not to get a sinus infection. have always had  allergies but right now they are bad. and i want a good nights sleep. 

          and did anybody notice that the pentagon released a video of a ufo flying around? with all the cover-19 news it was hardly mentioned. nobody seemed concerned. However i’ve always believed we’re not here alone.  what if this quarantine is just the aliens fattening us up before the big harvest. think about that people.

till next time. 


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