Week of problems

               my printer died while doing name tags for the weavers. Lasted 6 years and was a tough little cannon printer. ordered a new one - supposedly plug and play. they lied. it prints a test page beautifully but i can’t make it connect to anything. it knows there’s a modum but refuses to connect. the geek squad from best buy is coming to visit tomorrow. i have stuff needing printing lined up. 

          also ordered 2 cups for my ninja blender. the advertisement told me it would fit my existing machine. wrong. the blades won’t tighten and you know what happens when the top isn’t on tight. starwberry smoothie all over the kitchen. and as soon as i can print a return address label they are going back. i’m learning not believe any of the fine print in the advertisements. both will get negative reviews. 

20200128 124549

          the customer picked up her cat quilt (think halloween quilt) and loved it. heard she was showing it off at the club.  

          then did a very nice colorful one. stitched a favorite of mine called splat. a joy to work on. Square and flat. 

20200130 140710


          have moved onto this pretty floral. she wants feathers.  was so gun shy about choosing a pattern i did one block and sent her a photo before i went any farther. she ok’d it and i’m continuing on. it’s a huge quilt. 

          Lately this quilting business is out of control. currently have more quilts than time. discussed this with a quilty friend and she told me come summer when the snow birds leave i won’t have any customers and i’ll have time for a life with my looms and my own quilts. 

          tapestry class attendance is growing. Here is an example of a completed piece. Sample of one 

20200129 135215

student's completed mini tapestry. she used bamboo cord and a textured yarn for the body. her plan for the next one is a turtle. am anxious to see what she comes up with. the bamboo cord is not recommended. It has a mind of it’s own. 

          back to the eye dr. he’s testing pressure and running more tests. didn’t like the results of the first test so had the same test with another assistent. same results. he’s telling me my eyes are unique. he’s going to do some research. they arent’ connected to each other before being connected to the brain. i have no clue. asked if that’s why i’ve never figured out right from left. he just shook his head. As long as i can thread a needle or a heddle i’m good. 

         out of 5 estimates i think grrr has made a decision on who will be doing the window replacement job. Expensive!  4 very large and 4 tall narrow windows. course they’re about a month out till they can get started but will be done for summer heat. 

          attended a quilt show at one of the rec centers. seemed smaller than previous years and very traditional and conservative. lots of country designs and dull colors. not my type of work. took several photos but won’t post them. Not mine to post. and did not leave a business card for machine quilting. 

20200131 173114

         louie has been good this week. mainly because i put him back on his meds. the cbd i’m giving him has a small percentage of thc and it’s doing the trick. he hasn't tackled and bit me all week. this will give my legs a chance to heal. i hate to keep drugging him but it’s either him or me. and i have too much to do. he still has the sour expression but his violent tendencies are too much effort. he does look a little stoned. 



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