2021 has got to be better than 2020. or maybe it’s just teasing us. i’ve gotten to the point where i trust no one and nothing any longer. 

          survived my second cataract surgery. didn’t go as well as the first one. left eye was a breeze. came home, took a nap and slept the entire night. no pain. all was wonderful. not so this time. came home, napped. went to bed. had such a migraine got up at midnight and vomited into the laundry basket. couldn’t make it to the bathroom. raided my stash of pain meds left over from the shoulders and passed out. had the follow up appointment next morning. was told everything was fine. but i wonder what the difference was between the two surgeries.  left eye never looked blood shot. The right looks awful. but the vision is getting a better every day. i can actually read without my glasses but find i still put them on out of habit. feeling naked without them. 


           You are not wrong if you are thinking that the strike of midnight tonight probably will not suddenly make the world a better place, or put an end to Covid-19.  

          covid has managed to flip our world upside down.  People are working from home. schools are cancelled. most sporting events cancelled. we learned how to properly wash our hands and wear face masks and stay social distanced. and to stop hugging our friends. currently the entire world population is waiting in line for the vaccine. 

          racial issues. too many innocent black people have died by police violence during the year. Causing thousands of protesters to turn violent. Curfews, and a call to defund the police.  

the election - we hired a new president and fired the old one. However it doesn’t look like he got the memo. americans turned out in record numbers both in person and by mail. and trump still doesn’t believe it. 

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In 19 days!

looking into the future i see the following will be a regular commercial somewhere down the road. 



          i see in several different groups artists are choosing a word to focus on for the upoming year. i’ve chosen the word FLOW. in other words try not to fight what’s happening and just go with it. Some days it’s easier than others. 

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Chewbacca is      Chewbacca is waiting for me to come to bed. he’s decided his favorite sleeping position is wrapped around my head. works until i anchor his tail down and he wants to shift posiitions. 

       i dream of being a woman with a skin care routine, that always looks and smells good, eats her vegetables and puts on pants. But i’m really a swamp demon and i’m doing what i can with that. so don’t expect any great New Years resolution from  me i’ll be staying the same awkward out-spoken delight you have all come to know and love. 



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