Whew. What a week, huh?


I’m writing this saturday morning and just got the word that Biden crossed over to 270 electorial votes with a win in Pennsylvania.  Normally I work on writing this in  bits and pieces during the week but this week was a doozy! And I suspect the next few days or weeks will also be intense, too. In any case, my brain isn’t quite working the way I’d like it to at the moment. And I’m just absolutely overwhelmed with feelings. have not been sleeping well. pretty much ignoring my diet. tuning out with my books on the MP3 player. and barely holding it together. every morning i check with grr and ask if we have a different president yet. but today he said YES.

          this is a picture of RAGE.

rage and terror

President Trump has told people he has no plans to concede

Facing a disappearing pathway to victory, President Donald Trump offered little indication on Friday he was prepared to concede defeat, leading those around him to wonder who might be able to reckon with a leader who has given virtually no thought to leaving the White House. 

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            Take a minute to stop and realize 65 million people knew everything we know about Donald Trump and voted for him anyway. We have big problems in this country.  No more evil tweets. no more rallies full of lies. no more inciting hatred, i want peace and quiet with no drama or chaos. 

          however 2020 isn’t over yet and his cult of believers are behaving badly. Protesting, threatening and they have his permission for this behavior. 

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A HUGE THANK YOU TO DR FAUCI.  i can continue to believe what you say and you’ll be keeping your job which is vital to our country.      

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                have been working on threading heddles on the loom. not much progress. and have problems focusing on getting the pattern right. took a road trip to Phoenix to a fabric ware house. huge place. you purhase fabric by the pound. called SAS fabric warehouse on 19th st. bought 3 pieces of lycra to cut into narrow strips to weave as weft for several scarves. have done this before and it sold instantly. and the drape was great. and i finally received the navy linen from texas i needed for the baby wolf warp. took forever. 

           maybe arizona has finally figured out it’s supposed to be fall/winter. thou we broke heat records in Thursday. put my socks back in the drawer.   

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              keep in mind there are 2 more months left in 2020. so we should be prepared to expect anything. an alien invasion, a cat uprising,  accidently electing a drunk ostrich. water turning to gravey  an invasion of dragons. this year is going out with a bang so look after yourselves and each other.           


           the life of my cat. Chewey says ‘HI’ to everyone. and assures me there won’t be a cat uprising in this house. this cat has no ambition. he’s more dedicated to napping than i am. 

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