what is he waiting for? 


          now to count down to january 20th. what kind of chaos is trump going to think up during the next two months? i don’t believe there will ever be a concession speech. he’s simply going to pack up and disappear to one of his resorts. maybe even out of the country.  all of his law suits are going to prove nothing except that Biden did win.  so besides republicans having no faith in science now they don’t trust math either. but i would love to see trump being dragged out of the white house kicking and screaming. i also feel that long after he’s gone we will learn what really went on in the white house was far worse than we imagined.  And Christians have a lot of repenting to do. I’m not sure what a cultural post-mortem of the “Trump Years” will say about American Christianity, but I doubt it’ll be kind.               

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          and Pence losing his job to a woman, (a mixed race woman who’s so much smarter than he is) makes my heart sing. 




          We may be apponents but we’re not enemies. We Are All Americans. well said.  plus the majority of the world leaders have sent congratulations the Biden-Harris win. 

          Joe has already selected his pandemic team and told them to get to work. we’re expecting masks to be mandatory and looking forward to more good news about the vaccinations. the majority of us older people still have this scar on our upper arm. and are eagerly awaiting another one.  and to those who don’t believe in vaccines - WTF is wrong with you? are you looking forward to a ventilater experience?


          it’s been a quiet week . my stress level is much better even though grrr still watches hours of nightly news.  have been spending time with fellow weavers and quilters. coaching weaving, using a sewing machine, figureing out a beading pattern for a bead weaver. 


          weather has gotten colder so Chewbacca is still insisting on sleeping under the covers. i even purchased one of the cat pillow beds i’ve seen advertised. and plopped his little body in it. seems perfectly comfy to me. But not to him. spoiled beast. 

          have managed to lose another 2 pounds this week. see my nutritionist once more before i’m on my own. she is working on incorporating carbs back into my diet. i can now have 1 piece of toast with my egg. and 1/2 an apple a day so far. 

          and i have a date with Benoit!!! he’s playing catch up with surgeries that have been on hold for months due to covid.  i’ll be spending time with him in February 2021. february just seems so far away. i don’t know about anybody else but my stamina to power through this emotional fatigue is about done. 

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till next time.



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