Where is the Rain?


          It’s August already. where is the rain?  today is too hot to do or go anywhere. yesterday was too. just walking across a parking lot raises your body temp so that when you enter an office and they want to take your temperature they make you wait 5 minutes because your just came out of 118 degrees. here’s proof. i miss the rain. they keep promising the monsoons will be here but then postponing it. 

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ave         have had several appointments this week. needed a 6 month vision check up. this was supposed to be only a check up but ended up needing new lenses for a fortune. mine need prisms in them because my eyes don’t track together which ups the cost. plus the bad news is that i’m starting a cataract  he suggested i wait to have it removed as it’s very small right now. possibly next year. Drat!!!  however i learned with Grrr getting his done it’s not a big deal and makes a huge difference in your vision. 

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          have almost completed the club quilt that is still on Lola but woke up this morning and moved the majority of my ‘todo’ list to tomorrow’s ’ todo’ list.  (go ahead and laugh at even having a ‘ todo’ list)  should also finish threading the pattern on the pendleton loom for the class samples. Since there is no motivation or deadline to it,  it too, can wait. also need to tie on the warp to the baby wolf and at least weave a heading for the rainbow towels. instead i will vege out in the A/C and listen to a book. this is also what i do while grrr watches hours worth of news every night. and i do get puffed up. i want to live in a world where the choices for president are actually both reasonably good and we could argue over which one is better instead of which one is a liar, manipulator and crook and con man. 

          Considering how many towels I have woven over my life time using a huge variety of colors you would think i’d be out of ideas. never going to happen. i love color and i love using these cotton/linen towels. they get better and softer with age and use. i have a goal of weaving down my stash so this 10 yards will only make a small dent. I continue to weave and quilt not because there is any great need for more towels or scarves or quilts in the world but because that is my super power (so to speak).  I make things.   And right now?  Making something out of 'nothing' seems to be the only power i have.  It is an expression of creativity.  It is a vote for the future.  It is a wish for stability.  A prayer, if you will, for a safe future.


                With so much uncertainty in the world, I remind myself daily that thru an accident of birth and some good choices I live in a place that is currently safe.  no riots, no protests. most everyone is following the safety guidle lines of mask wearing and staying in small groups. however as soon as they offer a vaccine i’m going to jump on it. i trust science so when Fauci says it’s ok i’ll believe him. 

            we also have issues of racism and inequality that need to be dealt with and maybe we have that here in our little community but personally i’ve never seen it. (Course i’m a white female).  The pandemic has highlighted these issues in our country.


          As just one person my power to change things is limited and every day I wonder just how to make a difference.  I feel powerless and without any ability to change things for what I think is the better.   So I try to focus on positive things, encourage people to do better, be better, follow the teachings of their personal god if they have one, stay positive, but above all Stay Safe. Stay Home, wear a mask and keep physically distant and wash your hands again. 


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           living in arizona i have been told that coyotes could easily jump into yards with these 6 foot brick walls. Never quite believed it. but here’s proof. it’s a pretty mangy, skinny looking beast. he needs to hunt in our back yard. lots of bunnies. 

         grrr purchased his own house pet (really a robot vacuum cleaner we;ve named Rockford) with the understanding that it not be allowed in my studio space. i’ve seen what one can do to a warp hanging off a breast beam.  this also ment that he had to buy an iPad to download the app i order to program the little beast. so we got that done and friend who introuduced us both to her pet vacuum came over and coached grrr on programming it’s route. what a wild ride. 

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          chewbacca was not impressed. he’s turning out to be delightful and he loves to play. i have feathers from his favorite toy all over the house. (which Rockford simply drives over and ignores). These were supposed to be a test for the new pet vaccuum to pick up. ) he failed. so even when it’s too hot to cuddle this is how he prefers to sleep on my lap. and he’ll now allow me to rub his belly. Weird cat. 



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