Who knows what’s true any longer

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          so does trump really have covid-19? i’m not sure what to believe anymore.  the whole thing makes my head hurt. the timing of Trumps' diagnosis was “convenient” considering it meant he could cancel the future presidential debates.  or is this the ultimate in gaslighting that we are expected to pray for this idiot and then be shamed for not feeling sorry for him? of course he feels 20 years younger on those steroids. i’ve been on steroids. the dosage he’s taking is huge. he’s going to have a bad bounce when it wears off. Karma is a bitch!



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          have been spending my time this week preparing the new gilmore for a warp. at first i was considering a satin structure 5 harness with maybe a little pick up. i have a tote of silk just waiting for something like that. but then reality set in. and i remembered how many problems i had with the last ‘new' loom i had. so it’s going to be more towels. this time an assortment of red linen.  and i’ve already bumped into issues. had to make a phone call to Gilmore in California. this loom was made sometime before 1954. they don’t make X frame looms any longer. he thought he could look up the previous owner but she must have bought it used like i did. Bob Gilmore told me how to fix the problem and it’s simple. the spring loaded thingies in the center of the harness bars are working their way out of the wood. just need to screw them back in. ignore the harness sitting on top. i was measureing while i was on the phone with him. there is a crack in the breast beam but grrr can fix that. 

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          And the racket coming out of both bathrooms is making me cranky and Chewbacca is in hiding. we have a construction crew here installing walk in tubs. it’s hard to think with the drills and hammers. worse than the dentist office. was told we had to wait at least 24 hours before we could use them. it’s much deeper than i expected. has both water and air jets. takes less water than a load of laundry and re-heats the water when you use the jets. 


          We are now 7 months into this pandemic and everyone has virus fatigue. the stress has been unrelenting and hard to manage. even those of us who are introverts are beginning to find it tiring. 

          reality tells me this is not going to be over soon.  this past week i have been struggling to find the energy to do anything. there is no urgency to get anything done. even with the new medication i’m still taking naps during the news. wish i had answers but i don’t even know what questions to ask. so everyone stay safe at home, wear your mask, wash your hands,  and keep at least 6 feet distance from your friends. i believe covid is preparing us for a second wave. 

         at least the temps have dropped. supposed to be staying under 100 for the next week. can start having breakfast on the patio again. 

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purchased one of those computerized fish for Chewbacca. comes with a usb power cord to charge it up. he doesn’t love it like the cats in the commercial do. he walks by and taps it so it’ll start having convulsions, moves away and watches carefully in case it moves towards him. then walks off till he passes by it the next time. 

          and of course we’ll be watching the vice presidential debate. and using my bingo card. we’ll see if it it leads to another ranting blog. no rant over this. it was much more civilized. Though pence did talk over his time. but the moderator gave Harris extra time for rebuttles. i love her expressions. and the fly just made it perfect when it landed on his hair. i’ll never understand how pence who is so religious justifies working with/for trump who breaks the commandments and is a complete sleeze. wish someone could explain that to me. 

          Diet didn’t do well this week. gain a pound this week.  added all-bran cereal to my menu (which i’m not allowed to have because it’s carbs) but i need a laxative and over the counter ones are just too much. have better things to do than spend the entire day in the bathroom. 

i know, too much information. Sorry. 

till next time. 


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