Why did i do that?

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          a friend asked me if i had purchased a daily planner for 2020.  Yes, of course. then she asked what i was doing with it now.  (as of today i don’t even know where it is.)  she suggesed we use the pages as toilet paper. sounds like her bad attitude matches mine. 

          she also pointed out that our last normal day this year was a March, friday the 13th.  she was just full of fun facts that i’m not in the mood to hear.

          we have been in home isolation now for 11 weeks. and i’m done. just done.  reached my limit yesterday and had a melt down. sat in the studio and realized i needed to find a way to change my attitude since i can’t change the situation.  i need to acknowledge that while everyone else (or at least those i keep in touch with) seem to be happily finding time and energy for being creative that just isn’t me. 

          i’m not able to concentrate, can’t finish a book, can’t watch a tv show to the end, can’t focus on a project with out my ADD entering the picture and so i wonder off in search of what i don’t know.   need to convince myself it’s ok. 


          decided i’m going to to keep on keeping on. i’ll start more books, begin more quilts, weave 3 inches at a sitting  and maybe even make a ‘todo list’ in the daily planner i can’t find. i’m giving myself permission to abondon projects and allow myself to not finish the ‘todo’ list.  

          i’m so impessed with the medical people who have the courage to actually get up and go back to the fight every day. and i believe it’s a fight that all to often they lose. can’t imagine how devastating it is to watch a person die when they’ve tried so hard to help them live. and to make it worse the dying have no one there to hold their hand.  

          another heart breaker is the folks who live alone. if i’m having mental instability being here with grrr just think about what they are enduring. 

          however there was a very bright spot in my week.  a friend called and we got together, stayed outside on the patio and spun for an hour or two or until it got too hot. it was wonderful to see a familiar smiling face. we’re going to make this a weekly thing. plus the same afternoon i had more company. a quilter dropped off another top and actually came in the house. we were careful about distancing. 

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          did receive my thread order. the company is listed as being in Vancouver Wa but the box comes from the midwest. therefore 10 days. so now i have no excuse.  with no incentive  everythng is so much harder. including the decision of what to have for dinner let alone if i should get out of bed. finished first of 5 so as of today i’m only 4 quilts behind. 

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          RCSC has sent out notices that just because arizona gyms and pools are open the rec centers will not be opening.  folks are up in arms about it saying that we should get a refund because we’re not able to use the facilities.  i understand why they’re playing it safe. as much as i miss the pool in this heat I’ll co-operate.  the population here is old and the majority have underlying health issues. So what’s the harm with playing it safe?  being asked to wear a mask and stay 6 feet away is no different than retail establishments requiring customers to wear shirts and shoes. it doesn't mean you’re scared (you should be) it does not mean you’re un-masculine. refusing to wear a mask does mean you’re vane, and stupid.

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          on the Louie front. we’re back to the kitty prosaic. the aggression is coming back and has gotten worse. nailed me in the kitchen when i wasn’t fast enough with breakfast. and again last night on my way to bed. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re both home all the time now. he’s expecting more attention. he’s started sleeping in the hall where he can watch our traffic. i’m convinced he can read my mind he’ll beat me to the studio, then stands guard at the door blocking my way. tried picking him up but he Velcro’s himself to the carpet. tried pushing him out the way with my foot which earns me a bite. besides carrying a spray bottle i’m thinking of long pants and combat boots for protection? 

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           so other than the grocery store and drug store this covers our travel plans. BUT - the salon where we both get pedicures is open and she’s taking appointments. grrr’s toes have claws that can compete with Louie’s. and my polish has grown half way out is looking nasty. HURRAY! 

          i’m investing in a small wardrobe of face masks. Thinking this will be a requirment for a long while. 


Sorry - no photos of anything completed. unless you want to see me sleeping. 

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