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          what a week!  So much is happening right now. It’s scary, unsettling, extremely stressful time. I’m not thinking super clearly at the moment—my emotions are a roiling mix of angry, frightened, and exhausted, depending on the hour. I’m going to bet I’m not alone in that. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, already, so soon into this new year,  remember to take care of yourself. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time. 

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          seems like law enforcement didn't pay much attention to social media. i could have told them to expect ‘the deplorable would be showing up. and even though i’ve sworn off watching the news i was glued to the tv all day wednesday.  and i believe they will be back for Biden’s inaguation. so look out folks - it’s not over. even though twitter and face book have banned him now he’s threatening to start his own private platform for his cult followers. 

          stay calm and safe and please don’t add to the tumult. it’s hard but we need to stick together and work on uniting this country. the grown-ups are on the way. 

          just because the calendar has flipped over by one i keep receiving ads for weight loss and exercise regimes (and asking for donations for the the republicans.)  really annoying as i’ve got my own system that’s working fairly well. new years resolution only set me up for feeling like a failure. since the weather isn’t great for arizona (anywhere else in the world it would be considered perfect) i’m going into a dormant phase. when spring gets here is the time to sprout and grow but now is the time to lay low. stay inside, get back to basics. Keep your life simple. 



          have been thinking of starting a new knitting project now that my eyes are getting better. had a check up yesterday and everything looked good according to the doctor. they took the other lense out of my current frames. i feel so naked with out them on. get out of bed and feel around on the night stand looking for them. but at least now they sit level on my face and not many people even notice there is no lenses in them. the light still gives me a headache but the vision is a little better every day. So sorted thru several boxes of knitting yarn and just can’t come to a decision. it shouldn’t be this hard to settle on a color. guess i’m just out of practice.  

          the eye doctor also told me that both grrr and i should be eligible for covid vaccine probably within the next 2 weeks.  it’s about time. arizona is the biggest hot spot in the country for covid and everybody here is over 60 at least. i’m ready whenever i get the word!. i want to feel free to see my friends again even if i still wear a mask. 

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Yup! that’s me. 

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          and here’s Chewbacca. had to wake him up. this is how he spends his evenings. he’s really wondering what i want. he’s so gullible. all i have to do is rattle the bag of cat treats and he’s instantly alert and starving. Oh - for the life of a cat!

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