LongArm Services Available begining May 2021

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Lola has been upgraded and i’m back to the quilting world after several years of life’s interruptions. 

It’s time to put her to work earning her keep. 

.020 per square inch.  Price is based on the total square inch measurements of your quilt. (width x length x price charged)  .020 per square inch is for an over all simple pattern with a single color of thread.  

Example:  a 50 x 60 inch top =3000 x .020 = $60.00.   thread is included in the charge. 

You can supply your choice of batting or select from what I have on hand which is Hobbs 80/20 cotton for an additional charge of$ 7.00 per yard 90 inches wide.

Custom patterns or specialty threads can be negotiated on request. 

Quilt Preparation:  

Do not pin, baste or join layers in any way. 

All fabrics should be 100% cotton. No bed sheets for backings. 

If backing is seamed please press open. 

Backs must be at least 3 inches larger on all sides. if your quilt is 40 x 40 backing must be 46 x 46. 

Quilt top must lay flat. fullness in the center or wavy borders will cause tucks and pleats in finished quilt. it will be quilted in the condition it is received. 

Remove any stray and loose threads. make sure seams are secure

Seams may be pressed to the side or open but top must be pressed throughly. 

Thread color and pattern can be decided at delivery. 

Any questions please feel free to contact me. 




below i’ve included several close up photos of my work. as you see my personal preferences are for contrasting and variegated cotton threads. my quilts are primarily utility quilts and ment to bring comfort and a smile to the recipient. 




This color play pinwheel was sold before it was finsihed. wish i’d of counted the number of pinwheels. 

maggie and Lola

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